Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good morning....

I have been offline for a couple days now - - trying to get my sleep back to a somewhat "normal" time. I sure wish that I were better able to STAY at a normal sleep schedual but it always seems to rotate around the clock again no matter how hard I try to keep it stable.
Still, I got up at 4 am this morning after sleeping a lot last night, so I HOPE I go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. :-)
I realized, this morning, that I use this blog more for my RL experiences than writing as AuroraSkye (my Second Life Avi). I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Aurora does more interesting things than I do in RL so I suppose this blog would be far more interesting if I would write from her perspective..... but then again, the emotions etc are all from this person BEHIND the avi -- so it often turns back to RL me anyway. :-D

Some things Aurora is upset about.... (LOL) are:

HI there-- AuroraSkye here --

As you may or may not know -- I have my art up in galleries on SL. And there
is this one gallery owner who seems to be becoming very demanding. (Actually he always was rather demanding but it seems to be getting worse lately) Still, it is
hard to leave his gallery because I have associated with him for a long time and
he DOES help things to sell (sometimes). Well, he has set an ultimatum where we "
must make an announced personal appearance in the gallery at least once per month. Those that have not are strongly encouraged to do so prior to the 15th of May or make plans to exhibit elsewhere." Well, sheesh, I have been loyal to him thru many thick and thin times and he has done well by me with 20% commissions .... but I feel too shy to do these monthly "announced personal appearances." Ugh -- I don't know. I guess I need to figure out what to do.

On TOP of that -- he is always having me have to join all these GROUPS -- and I don't have many group openings to spare. When someone wants you to join 3 or more groups to work with them -=- that is really a pain -- ONE group per whatever/whomever is hard enuf! :-( I wish SL would let us have unlimited groups OR at least let us have MORE group openings. I don't know WHY they have to be set at 25 only. :-(

On other sad news, my "partner" in SL is not able to come on as much anymore -- and we have some beautiful land together which I terraformed and built a house upon.....but since he is on SL less and less-- he is, understandibly, interested in getting out from under the tier fees. I totally understand and I don't want him to be paying for anything that he is not enjoying. He has suggested giving the land to me (sweet of him) but I know my RL situation and it would not be good for me to have regular monthly tier fees either - so I think it would be best for us to give up the land. (But it does make me sad because it really is a pretty place -- very peaceful and I love the home we built there. I guess I will try to take a lot of pictures of it (If we still have it) It just makes me so sad. :-(

Still, "All Things Must Pass" and I am glad for the times we had there.

Hmmmm.... It is not letting me get back to the
aligned left ..... I can't seem to get this OUT of "Block Quote" cuz when I click it "off" it just makes the "block quote" even smaller.
:-( Frustrating..... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ..... Oh well -- the above was by AuroraSkye! (grin) :-D


Anonymous said...

awww... that's sad that you may have to give up the land - but look on the bright side - you won't have to deal with "that" neighbor anymore - and you are welcome to hang out in Faeria :)

FD Spark said...

Well as long the brotherhood and the other land I have access to you got space.
What would happen if you told the art gallery owner that you're no longer interested in working with him?
Take your art away from his gallery, leave him group and just say no thanks.
There is other people and places you don't have to deal with a situation or guy you don't want to deal with.
I understand about the money thing it sucks.
Hugs, FD

AuroraSkye said...

Leaving a post here cuz it is easier than signing in LOLOL