Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire Goddess

Hi there --- been trying to make new gowns -- Here are two I have done so far..... First one is a Fire Dress .... would be good for coming out of the ashes. Guess I should give it to my friend Phoenix. :-) (the picture also shows my friend, Shakti) Hi Shakti! :-)

This next one is a water gown .... I guess the drips are held on by glue. lol I guess it had better be water proof glue-- eh Alpha? I want to do an Earth and an Air Gown too. (recognise your bridge, Wild? And your stream, Alpha?) lol

In RL news-- I went to the dentist the other day (again) He was supposed to put a crown on the tooth that I'd had the root canal in but NO == instead he dug out around the tooth NEXT to the root canal tooth and says I need ANOTHER root canal!!! (ugh) and NOW that tooth is SOOOO sore it hurts even if my tongue lightly touches it!!! The tooth was feeling FINE before! :-(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Might start making some gowns

Hi there -- SL avie, AuroraSkye here ..... I made three new dresses the other night -- I am having some ideas for some gowns that I want to try out. I don't know if my ideas will work or not but I think it would be neat to see if I can make a gown that has moving art on it ...... I don't know if that will work or not -- and/or if it would look too weird or make things too laggy -- but it is a thought.... (Something to try) :-D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It was a grey day today!!!!

We had LOVELY grey clouds today for the first time in ages!!!! We even got a bit of rain = (though not enough for me) I must admit, the grey skies and peaceful, cool, refreshing rain is sooooooo WONDERFUL, and it sure improved my mood! We are supposed to have a large storm tonight and tomorrow but so far I am seeing none of it. Then we are going to get 90 degree weather again on Saturday -- UGH. I am sooooo ready for Autumn!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Dr and Lightning Storm...

I went to the Drs today for my hurting legs. He took X-rays of the right leg. He thinks I may have strained the knee somehow and reccommends I use a cane for a few months and do some leg exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the kneecap. I've lost 4 lbs since my last Dr's visit. Of course I wish it were more but at least it is in the right direction! I sure hope I can get my legs to stop hurting.
This morning we had a WONDERFUL lightning storm. Unfortunately I didn't really get to see it (darn it) but it sure was close! It was right upon us. I did that thing where you try to count after seeing the flash and this time it only let me count maybe one second!!! The thunder was SOOOOO loud!! It was FANTASTIC!!! I sure wish it could have lasted longer and I wish I could have seen some of the flashes. I bet they were AMAZING!!! :-D I sure LOVE thunder storms!!!! And what a difference from the stupid hot sunny days we have been having!
Yesterday I had the MOST DELICIOUS Blueberries I have had in a long time! Usually when I get them -- they are too mushy and awful but these were firm and plump and sweet. WOW I wish I could have blueberries like that ALL the time!!! (I write about such FASCINATING topics here on this blog don't I? -- HA! LOLOLOL)
I bought some more blueberries today from a different store .... I sure HOPE they are as good as those ones I had yesterday! I DO love Blueberries. For some reason -- I can't seem to find frozen blueberry PIES anymore. :-( "Mrs Smith's Blueberry Pie" used to be easy to find but now I NEVER see Blueberry. :-( Blackberry pies just aren't the same. :-(
May delicious blueberries and lovely, healing rain find you all (if you wish it).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here's an old George Drawing I did....

I like this one.... I really should get back into some fine art again -- it has been too long.


Whoooo Hoooo -- my legs feel so much better today...

Hi there -- I was in a LOT of pain yesterday (and the day before) I didn't even feel well enough to get on the computer or SL at all. I could hardly walk -- and my legs/knees hurt even when I was trying to keep them up in bed. One strange thing I have noticed is -- they seem to feel A LOT better after I have slept a night using the sleep apnea machine. I must admit -- I don't understand why that should make a difference. It is not from just resting the legs cuz I did that during the daytime and they still got worse and worse -- so it seems to maybe have something to do with getting enough oxygen? Altho that would mean I am not getting enough oxygen *spelling -- in the daytime when I am awake. I know I don't stop breathing during the daytime so I am confused. Anyway -=- it is SOOOO nice having the legs feel better today at least!
Believe it or not -- I want the legs to hurt again tomorrow, though, because I planned on seeing a Dr about them tomorrow and I don't want the pain to be gone because then it is really hard for me to be accurate in describing it. I have a tendency to forget things about my body when it is not an immediate problem. Heck, I have a tendency to IGNORE pains etc in my body even when they ARE there. I don't WANT to be in pain but I really DO hope that it comes back full force tomorrow so I can describe it to the Dr without forgetting anything. (I hate it when pain is like a car problem -- that only shows itself when you are alone with it ==and disappears when you take the car to be repaired -- LOL).
It is cooler today (thank goodness) And it is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow!!!! I sure hope so! They are even saying we may get some RAIN this week!!!! I sure HOPE so but often they get my hopes up and then no rain comes! :-( We had some lightning and thunder last night but my legs hurt too much for me to get up and look outside. :-( I hate missing thunderstorms!
The day is so STILL outside right now. Not even a small breeze. I don't like it when it is so still. Oh well -- I sure HOPE we get some RAIN this week!!!! I hope we get TONS of rain this week! (altho that is unlikely) :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wheeeee ANOTHER Heatwave-- BLEEECH! LOL

They say it will be in the triple digits tomorrow. I am SOOOOO not looking forward to that! Hopefully my "portable Air Conditioner" will continue to work for a long 3 day stretch. I hope it can do it.
For some reason my legs have been really hurting lately. I don't know why. For awhile I thought it was cuz I missed taking some of my meds but I have been taking them pretty regularly now and the legs are still really hurting so I have no idea what is going on. It sure makes it hard to walk tho. It seems to be two things=== muscular and yet maybe in the bones as well because the legs themselves are both hard to move and lift and also bending each knee clicks and then hurts like crazy!!!! Eeeeeek! So now I sort of walk like a zombie. :-(
I guess I should call the Drs about it but frankly I really don't see how they can help in any way other than to say "get exercise" and "lose weight." Both hard things to do when one can't walk. :-(
I have been enjoying watching the Olympics lately. It was neat seeing Michael Phelps winning swims and the incredible Chinese acrobatics and syncronized diving. As usual the West coast gets things delayed while the East coast gets things live. :-( For once I wish they would let us view things at the SAME time as the East coast -- it can be done -- so what if it is not exactly in prime time. Oh well. LOL
I wish I were better at thinking of interesting things to write about in my blogs. I guess that is why I go so long between blogging== I really have trouble thinking of anything worthwhile to say. Lately I haven't even wanted to go on SL at all. I am not sure why. Again, I am sure it is a phase. I suppose I should call the Drs to see if he can figure out what is wrong with my legs and energy.
Be well all -- Hugssss!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hi there --- I watched the opening of the Olympic games tonight. They are still in the 3 hours of countries walking in as I write this. Many people I know are not watching because of them being held in Beijing but I still love the idea of all countries getting together and competing with sports instead of war. I wish we could settle all of our world problems with games instead of killing. I guess I am a dreamer 'til the end.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have a cold again -- sheesh LOL

I got another cold -- second one this summer -- Grrrrrrr! I really hate summer colds (not that I LOVE winter colds either) lol We're in another heatwave here. Got to HIGH 90s today and will be hot, smoggy, and humid tomorrow as well. When the weather is like this it makes me wonder what people see in Summer...... I am SOOOOOO glad I have that "portable" air conditioner and I sure hope that it lasts!
We did a fashion show in Faeria last Sunday. I was having such a hard time with changing and announcing etc that I didn't take any pictures of the show. I wish I had taken some pics cuz the models looked so great and we really did have a fairly large audience there. I think people had fun or I hope so anyway.