Monday, December 31, 2007


I wonder if an animated GIF will show on this blog page? I hope so...... Lets try it.....

Oh DARN!!! :-( It didn't work. I wonder why .... Animated gifs normally work on websites. DARN it -- cuz that is a cute one -- the cats blink. :-( I wonder why it won't work......

Oh it works when you click on it and it appears on a seperate page but I want it to work on my actual page -- darn..... Oh well......

Well -- it is a SUNNY day today (ICK!) lolol I want some SNOW!!!! Hi there Malicious! Hi Alpha! Hi FD, Catherine, .... Hi Mykyl! :-D


Friday, December 28, 2007

Darn -- Snow was REALLY promised today......

.......And we got NONE~! :-( It is SOOOO unfair.

I saw "Bratty Sis" (Alpha) briefly tonight! That was nice tho -- Then thanks to her I went in search of MORE flexi hair! I don't NEED it but I found some pretty ones == Didn't buy any yet -- going to "sleep on it"/ them ....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It is SO hard to type with a CAT on my arms!

I got up early and every thing and NO snow!!! (sniff) Just rain == don't get me wrong -- I DO love the rain but when there is a chance for SNOW it is hard to not be let down my mere rain. Bah Humbug..... I may go back to bed. :-(

DARN... they promised me snow!!!

.....and as usual =- they are not delivering -- Grrrrr! :-( I took a sleeping pill to try to sleep at least 8 hours but no --- only 4 or 5 ...... I think i need that time release kind but not sure I can afford those.......

Oooooooooooooooo Whoooo Hooooo!!!!! I was finally able to change the colour of ONE title instead of ALL of them.... I still think they ought to let that be one of our options -- I think many times we want a DIFFERENT colour for a certain title than other titles -- or maybe that is me being my artsy fartsy synaesthetic self. :-)

Now knowing me -- I may have to go back and re-colour many of the previous titles to my blogs (but of course that is silly since I think it is mainly only me that reads these LOLOL ) If any of you out there do ready these -=- leave a comment OK? I love those. :-) I don't care if it is that you "just spent half an hour buring the cat" (Monty Python reference) ....or that you HATE snow! I would still love to hear from ya :-)

Well today was a hectic day ....

.....and now I stink of cigarrette smoke (ICK) cuz I visited two people who smoke a LOT! Nice people and it was a nice visit -- but I sure wish there was NO such thing as stinky second hand smoke!......

They are saying (on our local news) that it should SNOW tomorrow morning!!!!!! At least 3 to 4 inches in the "valley." That, of course, has my hopes WAY up (cuz I LOVE snow) so I will sure be VERY dispointed if they are wrong. (I'd rather they don't predict it at all than predict snow or rain and then we don't get it ) lolol They say it will be all washed out by rain by tomorrow afternoon tho= == (I hope not) (I want it to LAST)

Me (AuroraSkye) in DREAMLAND..... :-)

Anyway == I took a pill to hopefully zonk myself out (I have insomnia BIG time) so I can actually wake UP in time to enjoy some SNOW!!!! I hope it comes and lasts. :-)

(Excited me) :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We actually got SNOW!!!!!

Whooooo Hoooooooo!!!!! Even though I live in Oregon -- we really don't get snow much up here == and I have NEVER had a WHITE Christmas in my LIFE -- until today!!! Whoooo hooooo! It was SOOOOO neat!!!! I had gone to bed at 10:30 am (unable to sleep til 11 am) and then my sis in law called me to say it was snowing where she was (at about 12:30 pm) so I got about one hour sleep! LOL (Not good) .... But I would have been VERY upset to sleep thru the SNOW, so I am SOOO glad she called!!! :-) It would've have been WONDERFUL if it had lasted all day but it was only for a couple of hours and then the rain came in and washed it all away== but it sure was neat while it lasted! :-) I went out on my patio and offerred for my cats to come out with me but they just pretty much stayed in the doorway looking at me like I was NUTS!!! (They didn't even make any cat prints in the snow - those little buggers -- lolol -- missed their chance!) =^..^= Still -- it was SOOOO neat!!!

Friar Park Henley On Thames (where George Harrison used to live)

The above pic has nothing to do with what I am talking about (lolol) but I just think it is such a neat pic! I have always loved George Harrison's home in Friar Park and I sure hope to see it in person some day! .... Anyway == back to what I was writing before...

I figured it would prob melt and be safer to drive later so I decided to set my alarm for 3:30pm and sleep for another hour and a half ... so I think that helped me be able to stay up when I went over to my brother and sister in law's for Christmas. Even though my brother was saying he was against presents etc -- he certainly didn't seem to mind opening them so that was good! (grin) And I am so glad my sis in law decided to ignore him when he said "Why are you having people come over on Dec 25th - it is just a normal day?" and have us over anyway cuz it sure means a lot to me having somewhere to go on the few holidays I have left as an "adult." (Unfortunately I can't have people come over to my apt at this point in time because it just isn't in shape for it and my mom wouldn't be able to come up the stairs. (I sure hope I get my apt ....and myself ... in better shape in 2008).

Anyway -- here is a cute pic of George Harrison and his wife Olivia at Friar Park, Henley On Thames, in the SNOW! (Seemed to fit .... a bit....for today) :-)


Hi there ---
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
to all
-- I stayed up all night again so I guess I should go to bed
...... but I wanted to wish whomever stops by a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

My SL brother, Mordecai and I at Caledon. Seemed like a neat Christmas pic
even though it was not taken at Christmas. :-)

Friday, December 21, 2007

oh ok -----

I figured that out ... It DOES cut off some of the drawing but at least it shows more of it in the main blog part than in a sidebar..........

Blueberry Drawing

Cool ---

I put a clock up! :-) It probably is hard to read the time on it but it still is a neat clock!

FD has a NEAT drawing on his blog!!! (hi FD!) I have NO idea how he did it but it sure is neat seeing it there and it is a great drawing! WTG (way to go) FD! :-)

I SHOULD go to bed but I really HATE going to bed. (And then once I am asleep I HATE waking up, altho the alternative is not good!). :-(

I have to go see mom today -- again I am VERY glad that she is here and I can visit her -- I just don't neccesarily like going ANY where -- but I really should fight the urge to stay in my apt all the time.

Hello there (if anyone is here... LOL)

I guess no one liked my kitten pics ... sniff (wink) :-)
Alpha came by my place for a visit and she is on a different SL than I am (I keep forgetting the name of it - something with a "W" (lolol) WL? Anyway --- I guess it has the sky be much prettier than the earlier SL --(which I am still using) Since I LOVE the sky so much - it is VERY tempting to get the newer, more atmospheric SL = but I don't know if my computer and graphics card etc can handle it == so that has me a bit nervous. I certainly don't want to crash MORE on SL than I already do!

This is how I see the same view! Definately not as good ! LOL

Alpha took some beautiful pictures of the sun setting from my window -- and I asked her permission to share them here (and she said yes) She sure caught some pretty views of the sky.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oooooo I just looked thru some of my saved cat photos ...and....

I just HAVE to share some with you!!! :-D

Aren't they CUTE??????

I stayed up all night again (ugh)

I had/have things I SHOULD go to in RL today but now I prob won't go cuz I didn't get ANY sleep at all *so it would not be safe to drive. I really shouldn't keep doing this stupid NON sleeping bit ....

I saw AlphaTest last night -- she is making a BEAUTIFUL rainbow that is going to cross two SIMs! She is so creative and talented!!! It looks neat already but it sure will look even better when she finishes it. :-)

At least it is raining today -- I sure love the rain.... still -- I wish I had slept last night cuz I was hoping to take my cat to a meeting in RL today (and now I am afraid to drive to it) :-( Oh well......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well I finally figured out how to change the colour of the post titles....

I just wish they would leave the previous colours and only change the NEW ones from now on === cuz this way it makes me look colourblind -- complaining about pale green titles when they are now all pale blue! LOL .... Oh well ....

I took a sleeping pill and went to bed relatively early last night (around 11:30 pm) but then, unfortunately I got up again at 4 AM .... It sure would be nice to NOT have insomnia and be abl to sleep straight thru. Now I have been up since 4 am reading blogs --- I still need to go to Costco today (in RL) to get some cat food for my cats.... (and some Christmas presents I hope)
I am still not sure how to list other peoples' blogs here === I saw the other page element I can add and even the section that can add lists of things but I am not sure how I put their blog addresses in....... Maybe Mykyl can help me to figure out how to do this sometime. :-)
(Oh -- and how to put more than one photo in each blog post would be fun ) :-)

OH -- Maybe THIS is the way........"no format" and moving it?? Or is there an EASIER way???

hmmmmmmmn=== I still need to figure out how to do this -- I want the words to wrap around....

Monday, December 17, 2007

I still wish I could figure out how to change the colour of this title .....

That last post was a bit depressing so I figured I would at least put a pretty pic in here --- Here is some of my art that Mykyl has graciously let me display at Faeria. I am very honored and grateful to have my artwork be a part of this lovely SIM. :-)

Tomorrow it will be a week from Christmas....

I am not particularly prepared for Christmas this year because my brother has decided that Christmas is anti- Biblical..... so he doesn't want to exchange gifts, put up lights etc. I guess that means we won't even drive around and look at Christmas lights as we have in the past. I don't have much of a family here and I really don't have many acquaintances to hang out with either -- so the whole situation has gotten me down. Still -- I LOVE the Holidays this time of year =-= especially BEFORE the actual days --- I guess I just love the mood of people thinking of other people and the anticipation of the whole thing. That is why the day AFTER Christmas (and often Christmas itself -- esp this year - I'm afraid) can be so depressing. I just wish I had more family and close friends in my life ..... and I wish that these special days weren't getting fewer and farther between (and more depressing each year)

One of my very close friends for over 30 years committed suicide two years ago Dec 13th. (She was only 45 years old). I'd discovered her and stopped her from succeeding from another serious suicide attempt in early January of 2004. It bought her almost two more years of life but in a way -- what was the use since she succeeded killing herself anyway in Dec 2005? She and her bf used to come up and spend the Holidays with us ...... Since she died we have not only lost her company but her bf's as well. I miss the Christmases we had with them. :-(

Another close friend who I have known since before I was born -- died a year ago this past November. In recent times she didn't live close enough to spend the holidays with us but in the past she lived with us so we had MANY Christmases together. My Dad died 17 days after his 53rd Birthday (He was a New Years Eve baby ....and died January 17th 1983 from a car accident) We never got to give him his Christmas presents the winter he died because he had been in the hospital at the time. (Unrelated to the later car accident) Another VERY close friend of the family died in 1998 -- January 11th. She, too, would often spend the Holidays with us. Both deaths were pretty unexpected -- ESP my Dad's. I know other people have sad tales around Christmastime so I know that I am not alone but these things still hurt (when I let myself feel them at all). :-(

I am grateful I HAVE a family -- tho I wish it weren't so very small == just my mom, brother, sister in law, and I. We have some cousins and Aunts and Uncles but they are far away and we are not really in contact with them anymore. It is so depressing how things seem to be getting worse and worse....but I also know that things can always get MUCH worse than this. I don't know HOW I will handle it (or NOT handle it) when mom dies, or if anything happenned to my brother and/or sister in law. Blah -- sorry == I didn't know this "week before Christmas" post would turn to this.....In a way, I guess it is no wonder I hang out a lot on SL --- and/or sleep often and odd hours to avoid things.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hmmmmm that is strange......

I just posted the most recent blog and it seems to have taken all the others off the page!? I don't get it...... (Here is a pic of my friend, Zale and I).

wow -- Amazing- I am actually writing something two days in a row....

I doubt it will last long== knowing me =- there will be this short creative spurt and then it will go back to two months with no blogs at all --

As I say == it is hard to blog when you have nothing to say..... I tried to wake up at a normal time today but goofed it and slept til 7:30 pm. :-( At least I am doing some laundry and cooked some turkey breast before it went bad) -- (How is that for "dotty domestic"?) I also helped a friend on SL to set up her skirt maker and am sharing the settings for the skirt prim that I made. Now she is making skirts. I told her to tip the maker of the skirt maker cuz I think it is really neat that he made the skirt maker be free with only a suggestion of a tip === so I tip him quite often and try to encourage others to do so too.
Well, anyway== I guess I had better get on SL cuz I have to teach a class tonight -- :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Christmas Presents for Alpha... :-D

Heya Sis -- TY so much for your comments !! Whoo hoooo!!! And, yeah, I was thinking of posting some pics of my new (and old) classes cuz some of the builds are kind of fun..... (Of course -- I think u are my only reader over here ..... and you have seen my class builds so ...... who knows really useful it will be to post them ... BUT posting pics is fun so here goes... LOL

Here is a pic of my newest class-- how to build a Christmas cat on a rug, OR a Cat on a Christmas rug. :-) This pic makes it look flat but it is made out of prims.... I like my supply jar for the class (A cross-eyed, fractal cat) I think it turned out neat! :-).....

Hi there again.....

Here is a link to that neat website where you can watch drawings as they are drawn -- this one is to one of my drawings of my cat, Blueberry, .... I hope whomever sees this blog-- likes the cat drawing. :-)

I slept a lot of the day away today -- now I suppose I could get on SL but actually believe it or not -- I am not sure I am in the mood..... Guess I am feeling a bit down but I am not sure why -- fortunately it is not REALLY down -- I hate it when I am feeling VERY low === this is just a bit melancholy and not sure what to do, I guess.

Ironically, I FINALLY start blogging a bit more and no one reads it LOLOL. ;-p

Hi there one more time LOL

I guess when I decide to blab I blab (but I don't ever seem to say much) If you DO check out this blog, Alpha -- How do I find YOUR blog page???? I looked and looked but no luck... Where ARE ya?

Anyway -- at least I was able to say "Hello" to Mykyl and Catherine (and I intend to say hi to FD as well......) AND I even added a bit more to my profile! (Amazing eh? LOLOL)

I wish they would let you put more than ONE pic in your profile .... but hey == I suppose I can change some of the pics out .... I noticed that Mykyl has a whole page of photos! How fun! :-) (And nice photos too) Anyway -- thank you, dear friends, for your encouragement to post here. :-) Hugs to ya all and esp to "Bratty Sis" - Alpha! -- grin :-)

Well -- THAT was fun :-) LOLOL

Maybe I can find some MORE pics to put up (I am much better at images than writing anyway) :-D (I wonder how to change the colour of my "Title" (I'm getting very sick of that pale green) .......

This is a really neat place on SL called "Greenies" ... The creators did a wonderful job of making a WHOLE sim look like a HUGE kitchen where all our normal sized avis look really tiny! Here I am (with wings) sitting on a HUGE cat (in the RAIN yet -- whoo hooo! -- two of my favourite things!) It truly is an amazing SL SIM. :-)

Well - these THREE new entries ought to satisfy Alpha a bit (I hope) (actually it is sweet of Sis to even be interested in my ramblings. Hi to my other dear friends on SL -- I am going to try to find their blogs now so I can say "Hi!" :-)

Hmmmm .....

I keep looking to see if I can put a link to other peoples' blogs from MY blog place but I can't seem to figure out how to do that...... Plus -- why does it say "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!" when it still keeps asking me if I want to save ? (I feel so dumb) lol
Experimenting -- here is a pic of my friend, Phoenix -- with a kitten, and myself in a low cut dress (LOL).

Hi there -- I still don't blog often enuf to remember how ....

......I mean I remember HOW to blog once I get here .... but I am constantly forgetting how to get here -- lolol .... but at the repeated requests of my beautiful (tho pesty) Bratty Sis --- (LOL) (Hiya Alpha!) here I am attempting to blog again ...

Of course I SHOULD be in bed asleep=-= but heaven forbid I do what I SHOULD do.

There is a really neat website I would love to share with you all (or the one person who reads my boring blogs) lol -- You can see drawings as they are actually created on this website -- which I think is a lot of fun == Here is one of abstract swirls that I did: If you check this out = give it a rating and a comment (if you wish to) and check out my other drawings of my cat, Blueberry! :-) There are some VERY talented artists here === many of the drawings on this site totally amaze me! If you get a chance (and wish to) check out the drawings that I have chosen as my "Faves" == I chose some EXCELLENT ones from their various categories. Also --- sign in and draw some drawings of your own -- It is a lot of fun and the art program there has improved a great deal. :-)