Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hi there one more time LOL

I guess when I decide to blab I blab (but I don't ever seem to say much) If you DO check out this blog, Alpha -- How do I find YOUR blog page???? I looked and looked but no luck... Where ARE ya?

Anyway -- at least I was able to say "Hello" to Mykyl and Catherine (and I intend to say hi to FD as well......) AND I even added a bit more to my profile! (Amazing eh? LOLOL)

I wish they would let you put more than ONE pic in your profile .... but hey == I suppose I can change some of the pics out .... I noticed that Mykyl has a whole page of photos! How fun! :-) (And nice photos too) Anyway -- thank you, dear friends, for your encouragement to post here. :-) Hugs to ya all and esp to "Bratty Sis" - Alpha! -- grin :-)


Alpha said...

/me huggles Catty Sis, and hopes this might be the start of something new -- you're important now, Teachy Sis... you can direct your students here as well ;-).

Ooo... a place to throw up your "old" lessons, so all that work doesn't just go mouldy in one of your notecards :), along with pictures of course!

And btw, I don't have a blog, 'cause I don't have anything to say :P.

AuroraSkye said...

Whoooo Hooooo!!!!!! A comment from my "bratty sis" !!! (she chose that name) You made my night!!! WOOOOT!!! Huggles back, Sis -- AND --

.....since when does NOT having anything to say stop someone from blogging? I mean -- didn't you tell me once that you can post pics?? I want Bratty sis to have a blog that *I* can visit!!!! :-D !!