Friday, December 21, 2007

Cool ---

I put a clock up! :-) It probably is hard to read the time on it but it still is a neat clock!

FD has a NEAT drawing on his blog!!! (hi FD!) I have NO idea how he did it but it sure is neat seeing it there and it is a great drawing! WTG (way to go) FD! :-)

I SHOULD go to bed but I really HATE going to bed. (And then once I am asleep I HATE waking up, altho the alternative is not good!). :-(

I have to go see mom today -- again I am VERY glad that she is here and I can visit her -- I just don't neccesarily like going ANY where -- but I really should fight the urge to stay in my apt all the time.

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FD Spark said...

I am glad you figured out somethings I just figured it out this last week a few things like how to add links.