Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warm Day and got more cleaning done

Hi there all *(Or whomever still reads my infrequent blogs here) :-D,
I am sooooo pleased with the cleaning progress of this apt. I still have a long ways to go (*IMO) but it still is SOOOO nice to be getting so much done. I think the cats are enjoying the space too == but Blueberry sure is "snarky" (my helper's word for it) with Cindy, my helper. LOL I think it is cuz "Blue" HATES the vacuume cleaner (she definitely will NEVER be one of those cats that you can vacuume the shedding fur off of) lolol .... {I don't know how to spell "vacuume" I even tried spell check but with no luck} :-(
Anyway, once when Cindy was trying to unplug the vacume cleaner from the power strip by Blueberry's water =-= Blueberry really HISSED at her big time !!! She was afraid to reach over to unplug the machine with Blue acting sooooo "B*tchy" LOL) (Poor Cindy) I am actually kind of embarrassed at Blueberry's awful behaviour but I can't seem to get her to be more polite! Bad "Snarky" kitty! LOLOL (She is currently asleep on my foot, under the computer) Anyway, I have missed you all on SL -- and I hope to be coming on more often now that the apt is getting in better and better shape. :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear Sweet SL friends -

I want to thank you sooooo very much for making my Birthday (last Sunday, June 14th) soooo very special!!! It was so fun to hang out with you and dance and shoot water balloons at eachother! I love my new baby Tiger, and a new resting kitty I also got (grins) (I also love the new Flapper dress I bought!)

Thank you so much for all of your friendships. :-)