Friday, November 28, 2008

Blah -- I hate to feel this way -- esp right after Thanksgiving, but ....

... I am feeling rather depressed. :-( As far as our family is concerned -- the Holidays are over --- cuz my brother and sis-in-law will no longer celebrate Christmas! (it is not in the TORAH) (BLAH) And since, my family is all I have to celebrate Christmas with (locally) that means that I don't get to celebrate Christmas anymore either. I HATE it. :-( I LIKE being able to get together with family and remember God and give each other gifts. I HATE that we can no longer do that. It hurts. :-(
And I think it will be EVEN harder -- cuz I will be seeing everyone else both in RL and in SL, getting ready for, and celebrating Christmas .... when it is over for us. DARN -- It really hurts! I wish I had a husband and kids of my own cuz then I could celebrate Christmas with them and my in-laws -- but I don't have any husband/bf in my life. :-( I wish I had some local RL friends that I could celebrate Christmas with -- but nope on that count too.
Blah -- I guess I am just really feeling down about this -- I was hoping that this non-Christmas bit with my brother wouldn't affect me -- but it does) :-( :-( :-( :-(
At least in the past- - I wouldn't have these "after the Holidays" blues til AFTER New Year's Day -- but as I say -- NOW it has come after Thanksgiving cuz there is nothing left to look forward to -- Holiday-wise, for me. It is NOT about getting presents for me -- it is about the whole MOOD of the Holidays --and it is of buying presents for others and looking forward to whether they will like my choice of gifts or not. I like the whole mood of everyone being nicer to each other and thinking of others for a change. I know I don't need a Holiday to do that -- but somehow -- it just feels like now I am MORE left out on Life than before -- and I was already left out of a lot of things before. :-( (I am having trouble explaining it)
PLUS -- Since a power outtage a day or so ago - my TV has died -- it now shows only squiggly lines instead of the picture. Grrrrr! I am DE-pressed! :-(


I played with the colours on one of my Tudor Gowns ...

..... and I like the results! Whoo hoooo! (Grins)
Gold sure looks neat on dark blue! :-) I had a nice Thanksgiving! I hope you all did too. I brought a Chocolate Satin Cream Pie over for dessert -- and it was delicious (but high in calories!) lol Maureen's turkey turned out wonderfully!!! We packed up a nice dish and brought it over to mom and she enjoyed it too. Then we watched a "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode on one of Maureen's DVDs of the show. Then, later, watched the movie "Click" on regular TV. It was actually a fairly well done movie -- with the moral lesson about not rushing/fast-forwarding thru life.

It was fun. :-) (Doesn't this tudor gown look neat?)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! :-)

I hope, wherever you all are, that you have a wonderful day! Pat some cats and/or dogs. Hug some friends (in RL or in Cyberlife). Listen to some relaxing (or wild, or fun) music! Enjoy remembering things you are grateful for in your lives! Feel warmth. Partake in a nice meal. Do something kind for someone. Feel free to share some other suggestions. (grins) :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I had a nice (early) Thanksgiving with Mom, and family

My brother, sister in law, and I, all met mom at her assisted care living place for lunch today. It was very nice (altho it took about 45 minutes before we got served and by then practically everyone else was having dessert LOL) But still, it was nice (I LOVE turkey). They even had a singer who was a very good entertainer. The songs he sang were pretty much before my time but he really put his all into them -- and asked many people to dance with him during the instrumental sections. He had a good voice and as I say, was a very good entertainer!
The parking lot was soooo crowded ---there were NO spaces left to park, so people even parked next to red (no parking curbs). I have never seen it so crowded before. Unfortunately, I was one of the ones who had to park illegally cuz there was no other even relatively close street to park on -- and no way could I have walked it from the hospital parking above. Fortunately, I didn't get a ticket! Boy am I glad about that!!! :-)
When I came home tonight, I gave my two cats some turkey and giblets wet catfood (they normally only have the dry cat food so wet catfood is always a treat for them). They now get a half a small can each -- whereas they used to only get a 3rd of a can each when Duncan was still with us. Of course, after they chowed down -- I heard one of them throwing up !! Grrrrrrr (Good one, Cat!) :-( She must have eaten too fast or something-- sheesh--- "easy come and easy go." :-(
I am grateful about so many things. I am glad Mom is still with us, and lives close by. I am glad my brother and sister in law live close by too. I am grateful I get along with my family -- so many people don't. I am grateful that my test results turned out to be negative. I am grateful for my catlets, and that I have a place to live. I am grateful that my legs are sometimes not so bad (at least the inability to walk is not constant). I am grateful I didn't get a parking ticket today! I am grateful I got home safely from a very high traffic drive tonight. I am grateful that we are in the Fall/Winter season (even tho it is going WAYYYYYY too fast!) (grins) I am grateful that it might rain tomorrow (I HOPE so == but I won't hold my breath). I am grateful for the Internet, computers, Beatles music, and "YouTube" videos LOL. Most of all, I am grateful for family and friends, old and new.
I HOPE you all have a Happy Thanksgiving -- whether you officially celebrate it or not. :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I made a pink one, (with leaves!), for ya, Princess! (grins)

As you requested! I hope ya like it! I am not saying you have to get it but it is there for you in case you want it. :-) Who knows -- if you like it, maybe Alphonsus will get it for ya. ;-) (not that he has to either) I stayed up all night again like an idiot. I keep doing that. Still, it was fun. I tried to do some photo retouches for my brother. He may not think they look good enough but it was fun to try anyway. I hope he likes them. Mean old TV land has stopped playing my 6 am "Star Trek"s. LOL (meanies!!) They are now playing "infomercials" instead! :-(
Have a nice day all who stop by!!! And have a Happy Thanksgiving this week too! :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I finally made a silver version of the VINE dress

Normally I would have kept the box the same but I tried a different box style with this one. Took me forever to do this box - so I doubt I will do any like it in the future ! LOL
I completely re-drew the skirt for this silver one cuz I wanted to add some dots. :-) Now if I make anymore -- I have to re-draw the skirt AGAIN -- cuz I can't change the colour of the silver one cuz it has NO colour on it to tint. lol (Oh well) They are fun to draw. :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whooo Hooooo -- the test was negative!!!!

I am SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO grateful!!!! Thank you so much all who were praying for me and all who gave me reassurance - and TY God, Yshua, Yaweh, however you'd like to be called, Lord!!! This is such a relief! I went to the hospital to get the extra X-rays they wanted done and then a Dr came in and said that cysts can have a tendency to form close to eachother making them look bigger -- and that is what two of mine did. He said they looked benign!! Phew!!!!
Frankly, I am not sure how they can tell just from pictures -- if something is benign or not -- but I am sooo glad that these look benign to the Dr today. It was a different Dr than the one who called me back to have more pictures taken -- so I must admit I would also like to hear the original Dr's opinion on them (just in case the second Dr would have seen the earlier pics as benign too) I want to be sure that there is nothing wrong!
I feel SOOOO relieved, though! I feel like I escaped an ax! I am SOOOO grateful! Again -- thankyou all who were so kind and patient with me while I freaked out a bit from being nervous! I know we all have to die sometime but I am just glad that my time hasn't come up yet (at least so far) :-)
HUGS to everyone!! Everyone go out and smell some roses, enjoy the rain, hug a cat, enjoy the time we have! :-D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I made a new dress that I am pleased with ....

I have stayed up way over 24 hours now -- trying to stay up til a more regular bed-time so I can, hopefully, sleep straight thru to tomorrow when I have to go for more breast pictures to be taken (wheeeeeee). Last night/this morning I worked hard on a new sort of dress and I am pleased with how it turned out. In a way -- the picture doesn't do it justice cuz this "dress" may actually look better without the prim skirt at all! :-) I like how the Vine grows around one leg and then up over the upper body. It also looks very Art Nouveau-ish (spelling?) to me, and I LOVE the Art Nouveau style!

Anyway, I made a teal green, a gold, and a blue one before I decided to head back into the real world. I hope people enjoy them. :-) I would like to try to make a silver one later, if I can. :-) I should have made the box somehow show that the left leg is bare. As it is -- the box makes it look like BOTH legs are covered with the design -- which (in my opinion) is not as nice as having it only be one leg. Oh well, I am too lazy to change the box design on all three of them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been sleeping a lot this week...

I am nervous about having to have a second set of mammagram pics taken on Thursday. They found something irregular that has grown since the last pics were taken (3 years ago -- ooops) :-( on my right breast. I really don't want the Big C. :-( I hope/pray that it is just a harmless, benign cyst. It still has me nervous, though.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am really missing George Harrison tonight

It's so silly really, he has been gone for 7 years now -- you would think I could accept the loss and move on but, I don't know, sometimes I miss him more and more. Even though I never knew him personally (darn it), I still miss him just being on this planet with us all. Heck, I miss John Lennon being here too. I wonder what music they both would have created, and what interesting observations they would have made in interviews. I miss George's quiet, modest, self-effacing humour, and his (and John's) openness, and sincerity.

I guess my thoughts are towards missing them both cuz it is coming up on the anniversary of both their deaths (about a week apart) November 29th and Dec 8th, respectively. 58 years old and 40 years old are way too young to die in my opinion. I also miss my friends, ---Susan (died Nov14th, or so, 2006 - age 55?), Karen (Dec 13th - age 45), and Pat (Jan 11th 1998 - age 65) --- and my Dad, (died - Jan 17th 1983 - Age 53 <-- way too young). Definitely a lot of losses in these next couple of months. :-(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Handle With Care" - The Traveling Wilburys

OOooooooo you all MUST listen to this song (even if you have heard it before!) It is SUCH a fantastic song - done by one of the BEST groups ever!!! Roy Orbison's voice is GORGEOUS, and the beautiful melody by George Harrison frames Roy's voice perfectly! I sure miss the Traveling Wilburys!!!

"Handle With Care" - The Traveling Wilburys

Getting passport ....

Hi there -- I guess I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I decided to get pictures taken and paperwork done to get another passport. I had one before but I never used it and it expired. :-( It would have been nice to go to England. Now I am not sure I will ever get there -- but it is nice to imagine that I may make it there someday. :-)
My brother got pics of mom to get her passport renewed too. I guess its good to be prepared altho my apt is such a mess it would be very hard for me to get out of here ....and where would I go?
Blueberry was searching the bedroom the other night and I think she was looking for Duncan! She found the last place where he was sleeping before I took him into the vets to be put down and she climbed into the place and stayed there for a little bit. :-( She may be missing him.
I haven't been able to tell if Tai Chi has been missing Duncan or not. I wish I had gotten pics of the three of them sleeping together. It was always so cute to wake up and see them all curled up together in eachother's arms.
I made a couple of new fractal dresses on SL the other night ....but I have so many fractal dresses now -- I am thinking I really need to come up with something different. I am not sure what, though. I like my animated "Elements" gowns -- but I am not really sure how or IF I can continue those. I would like to think of "something completely different" ....but my mind has been blank lately. Still, hopefully I will come up with something. I LOVE making SL dresses. I sure wish they were as easy to make in RL! lol Heck, I would love to wear them myself! It would be so much fun! :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm feeling a bit down

Hi there all --- I slept all day today -- I was really tired but of course I wish I hadn't slept the day away. I got up at 7 pm and now I am up and probably will be staying up all night. :-(
My brother is getting his passport and is still talking about leaving the country and that has me scared and depressed. I don't want him to leave.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It was a nice GREY day all day today!

I sure LOVE grey rainy days (Not sure if I should spell "grey" as "gray" or as "grey"?) I wish it would POUR (like it did last night) but at least it was misty all day. My legs have been hurting big time again (especially my left leg) Darn it! It was sooo nice having them feel somewhat better last week -- I don't know why they are hurting big time again. :-( VERY hard to stand or walk at all. :-( :-(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Duncan is dead :-(

Hi there all -- *(or whomever still reads this blog). I had to put my oldest cat, Duncan, down tonight. :-( I probably should have yesterday but then the vet told me they would do blood work and call me today with the results, and he gave me anti-biotics to give him in case the problem was an infection. Frankly, I am NOT at all happy with how the vets ended up handling things. They SAID they would call today but they never did and then when I called them for the blood work results they just kept giving me excuse after excuse as to why they didn't have the results. I had to call a lot and be on hold a lot and even call the vet I saw yesterday over at a diff office (where he was today) THEN they didn't even FAX him the test results when they said they were doing so --"The fax machine was broken" ... and the "blood test machine was broken" yesterday, ... and "The Dr wasn't here today" (but they already KNEW he wasn't going to be there ... and then the Dr who WAS in was soooo busy today (well, again, that is THEIR mis-management - not mine). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. .... And "she can't read the other Dr's writing" etc etc ..... all to FINALLY get the blood test results that Duncan should be put down. :-( I could have saved Duncan one more day and night of suffering if I had put him down when I took him to the vets yesterday!
Also, by the time I finally got the blood work test results -- I couldn't FIND Duncan! He had gone off to hide (as cats often do when they don't feel well) somewhere in my apt but where???? He wasn't coming when I was calling him, even when I opened a can of food (the other two cats chowed down). I thought maybe he had hidden somewhere in the diningroom where the last care-giver (two years ago) had stacked all this stuff (making it virtually impossible to even get IN there) ... but after searching around -- I didn't find him in any of the places he could have hid in the diningroom. Since he was not meowing or making any noise when I called him, I truely felt that at this point I was searching the apt for a dead cat. :-(
Thank goodness/God ... my sis in law (who came over to help -- Bless her) and I finally found him alive, in the bedroom. (Hiding in a small square lower bookshelf. Poor little guy) :-( At this point I had mixed feelings about whether I should be taking him to be put to sleep or if it would be better for him if I could just let him peacefully go to sleep in my arms here at home. I wanted to do the later but I also didn't want him to be suffering..... Fortunately I am now VERY glad that I took him to the vets (a diferent one btw) because the Dr said that with Kidney failure -- an animal doesn't neccessarily have a peaceful death -- that more likely he would be nauseous and then even having seizures. (Well I definitely would not like him to go through that!) Soooo, hopefully I did the right thing ... altho it is hard to leave the apt WITH a cat and then come home without one. I am sure it will hit me later -- I think I am numb about it now. I had him 16 years! From October of 1992 'til November of 2008. It will be hard having him gone. :-( Poor Duncan! I will miss him.
On a hopefully more optomistic note. I am glad for the results of the election for turning out as they did (despite my whole family voting the opposite of how I voted). I sure HOPE that the new President can turn this country around and try to undo so much of the damage that the Bush administration did (IMO). Still, Obama is "inheriting" an awful lot on his plate - I am not sure one man/administration will be ABLE to fix things. And my brother is now talking about leaving the country (which scares the heck out of me -- I don't want my brother to move) I just hope that the coming changes are GOOD changes (I know -- "good" is very subjective). For as we know, we can have CHANGES and not neccessarily have the changes be for the better. (and of course, many people probably have many different ideas of what "better" would be).
I just hope we survive as a country and that the dollar can survive. I hope we can find new and cleaner energy sources, and I hope that we can take better care of animals and the Earth than we have been. I hope we can strive for peace both within the country and around the world but I also hope that we can avoid being blown up and/or killed off from biological warfare.
I guess I still am a dreamer .... I hope that these next 20 to 30 years can/will be better than my brother (and so many others) are feeling that they will be. Bless the animals and the people of the world. Bless the little kitties. Bless you, Duncan, whereever you are. =^..^=

Sunday, November 2, 2008

>George's "Brainwashed"

Wow -- I wonder if this is an official video of this song -- I have never seen it before!!! (and that is rare for me to find an official George H. video that I have never seen!!!! It is a GREAT video (and song) and even has FRACTALS in it! :-)

George Harrison - Brainwashed
Uploaded by Bodhisattva1956

"Got My Mind Set On You"

I never particularly liked this video OR the song but it is a favourite of many people who grew up to it, so what the heck. :-) lolol

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello November --

It is raining outside!! I love it love it love it!!!! I love it when it POURS!!! I went out in the rain today! I was naughty == I went to a "See's Candy" place (delicious chocolate candies) and bought some. At least I am good at making them last. :-) Then I drove to Mexicalli Express and had a nice dinner of a cheese enchalada, black beans, rice and a salad. (With lots of onions, cilantro and pico de gallo (not sure of spelling) Mmmmmmm! Because I went alone, as I usually do, I read my Dean Kootz book while I was there. Afterwards I went to Trader Joes (a great natural food store) to get some Seseme sticks, and some other things. Unfortunately they didn't have the seseme sticks or ANY of the other things I was looking for, so I just got a VERY expensive gallon of milk ($3.00 UGH) and came home.
Still, it was a pleasant afternoon.
I hope you all out there (whomever might read this blog) are having a nice day/weekend/week too. And enjoy the months ahead.

Halloween was fun on SL

I'd been making a lot of dresses this past week so last night (*Halloween) I decided to just play! It was fun. I went to a Halloween dance in a forest in Etopia, and danced with old and new friends there! :-) It was fun seeing everyone's costumes. No kids knocked on my door for candy in RL so the only thing that made it seem like a diff night than any other was celebrating on SL.
Before the Halloween dance, I went to a Samhain (spelling?) ceremony where we said goodbye to many troubles of the past and lit candles for friends, lovers, family no longer with us. It was a beautiful ceremony. *(hey - this black on black looks neat!)
I am sad to say "goodbye" to October. :-( But at least we are still heading TOWARDS Winter instead of away from it. I now wish that November would last 3 months. LOLOL