Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I made a pink one, (with leaves!), for ya, Princess! (grins)

As you requested! I hope ya like it! I am not saying you have to get it but it is there for you in case you want it. :-) Who knows -- if you like it, maybe Alphonsus will get it for ya. ;-) (not that he has to either) I stayed up all night again like an idiot. I keep doing that. Still, it was fun. I tried to do some photo retouches for my brother. He may not think they look good enough but it was fun to try anyway. I hope he likes them. Mean old TV land has stopped playing my 6 am "Star Trek"s. LOL (meanies!!) They are now playing "infomercials" instead! :-(
Have a nice day all who stop by!!! And have a Happy Thanksgiving this week too! :-)


Mykyl said...

ooo! I like it! Another outfit to go with my pink wings!!! :)))

AuroraSkye said...

Oh Yeah, Mykyl!!!! That dress WOULD go well with your beautiful pink wings!!!! I would love to see them together!

Happy Thanksgiving! Blueberry is saying Hi! *(Off to attempt to sleep for me)

Princess Ivory said...


That is MINE. She made it for ME!!!
(I asked for a pink version that was a bit more modest than the other colors - still looks pretty revealing to me though! I don't think I shall be able to wear it on State visits, other than late night dancing under the moon around the fire in Winterfell! The vampires across the river will probably like it very much. I have the perfect pair of pink kitten-heeled slippers to wear with it!)


AuroraSkye said...

Whoo hooo -- I am glad you like it, Princess -- or I hope you do. I guess it is still a bit too risque to wear to some formal occasions but hopefully it can still be worn at some less formal affairs. :-)

And maybe, Mykyl can still get it (if she wishes) cuz it would look quite different with her wings! (giggles)

Princess Ivory said...

I bought my Pink Vine dress last night while late night shopping. Haven't tried it on yet, due to the late hour. Went to bed instead. I will have to pick out the best skin, hair, and eyes to go with it from my vast inventory.

I fell in love with everything in the store, especially the red Tudor dress, and the Elements dresses in front of the store. But I don't know what Element I am, and I couldn't find a good quiz that gave consistent results. And the other 1/2 of the store is devoted to another merchant's VERY interesting tattoos. That's all I'm going to say - you all will have to go see them for yourselves.

AuroraSkye's shop is in a lovely new mall, though much is vacant at present. Check her profile for the link; I'm not inworld to see it right now.