Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am really missing George Harrison tonight

It's so silly really, he has been gone for 7 years now -- you would think I could accept the loss and move on but, I don't know, sometimes I miss him more and more. Even though I never knew him personally (darn it), I still miss him just being on this planet with us all. Heck, I miss John Lennon being here too. I wonder what music they both would have created, and what interesting observations they would have made in interviews. I miss George's quiet, modest, self-effacing humour, and his (and John's) openness, and sincerity.

I guess my thoughts are towards missing them both cuz it is coming up on the anniversary of both their deaths (about a week apart) November 29th and Dec 8th, respectively. 58 years old and 40 years old are way too young to die in my opinion. I also miss my friends, ---Susan (died Nov14th, or so, 2006 - age 55?), Karen (Dec 13th - age 45), and Pat (Jan 11th 1998 - age 65) --- and my Dad, (died - Jan 17th 1983 - Age 53 <-- way too young). Definitely a lot of losses in these next couple of months. :-(


Michelle said...

Hi Aurora,

All those friends and heroes that are gone...don't mourn their passing, celebrate their lives and what they did accomplish, that makes you remember them. And it is the remembering, that keeps them alive.



AuroraSkye said...

That is true, Sol. Thanks so much for your comment! Huggles!!!!