Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween was fun on SL

I'd been making a lot of dresses this past week so last night (*Halloween) I decided to just play! It was fun. I went to a Halloween dance in a forest in Etopia, and danced with old and new friends there! :-) It was fun seeing everyone's costumes. No kids knocked on my door for candy in RL so the only thing that made it seem like a diff night than any other was celebrating on SL.
Before the Halloween dance, I went to a Samhain (spelling?) ceremony where we said goodbye to many troubles of the past and lit candles for friends, lovers, family no longer with us. It was a beautiful ceremony. *(hey - this black on black looks neat!)
I am sad to say "goodbye" to October. :-( But at least we are still heading TOWARDS Winter instead of away from it. I now wish that November would last 3 months. LOLOL


Mykyl said...
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Mykyl said...

That was indeed a nice ceremony - it woke the gardener back up finally :)

Wildstar said...

happy to see you had a fun Halloween, Aurora :)