Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I made a new dress that I am pleased with ....

I have stayed up way over 24 hours now -- trying to stay up til a more regular bed-time so I can, hopefully, sleep straight thru to tomorrow when I have to go for more breast pictures to be taken (wheeeeeee). Last night/this morning I worked hard on a new sort of dress and I am pleased with how it turned out. In a way -- the picture doesn't do it justice cuz this "dress" may actually look better without the prim skirt at all! :-) I like how the Vine grows around one leg and then up over the upper body. It also looks very Art Nouveau-ish (spelling?) to me, and I LOVE the Art Nouveau style!

Anyway, I made a teal green, a gold, and a blue one before I decided to head back into the real world. I hope people enjoy them. :-) I would like to try to make a silver one later, if I can. :-) I should have made the box somehow show that the left leg is bare. As it is -- the box makes it look like BOTH legs are covered with the design -- which (in my opinion) is not as nice as having it only be one leg. Oh well, I am too lazy to change the box design on all three of them.


Wildstar said...


FD Spark said...

They are very beautiful.
Please whatever happens believe how talented and wonderful you are.

Mykyl said...

Oh wow! You forgot to give me the skirt - but I love it even without that. Very nice work Aurora - and thank you!

FD Spark said...

Don't be like me and give your work away for free and grumpy later about it:)

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there Wild, FD, and Mykyl. TY so much for your comments!!! And I didn't "forget" to give you the skirt, I hadn't made it yet when you were online and I like to give things when the people are online LOLOL -- so I will get the skirt to you next time I see ya! (grins) You got a great deal, Mykyl -- I am selling them for $375 Lindens each (*cuz of all the work it took to make them -- each prim of the skirt hand-placed, ... lots of uploads and re-uploads to get the vines to match at the seams) :-)

They sure are fun to wear though! :-) I am so glad you like it, Mykyl! And ty so much for your "wonderful" comment, and your sweet comments, FD! Hugs to all of you, my dear friends!


Princess Ivory said...

I'm glad to hear your cysts were benign (or at least that they appear to be from the xrays).

The new dress is lovely. Does the skirt cover the backside as well? And where is PINK?!

Nice work. Hope to see you soon.

Princess Ivory

AuroraSkye said...

Oh Hi Princess --

TY so much for your comments -- TY for the joy about the results being benign. :-)

Also, ty for the comments on the dresses! :-) The skirts pretty much cover the rear. LOL And, yeah -- I should make a pink one! (grins)

It is always so nice to stop by my blog and find a NEW comment!! Whoo hooo!!!