Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I had a nice (early) Thanksgiving with Mom, and family

My brother, sister in law, and I, all met mom at her assisted care living place for lunch today. It was very nice (altho it took about 45 minutes before we got served and by then practically everyone else was having dessert LOL) But still, it was nice (I LOVE turkey). They even had a singer who was a very good entertainer. The songs he sang were pretty much before my time but he really put his all into them -- and asked many people to dance with him during the instrumental sections. He had a good voice and as I say, was a very good entertainer!
The parking lot was soooo crowded ---there were NO spaces left to park, so people even parked next to red (no parking curbs). I have never seen it so crowded before. Unfortunately, I was one of the ones who had to park illegally cuz there was no other even relatively close street to park on -- and no way could I have walked it from the hospital parking above. Fortunately, I didn't get a ticket! Boy am I glad about that!!! :-)
When I came home tonight, I gave my two cats some turkey and giblets wet catfood (they normally only have the dry cat food so wet catfood is always a treat for them). They now get a half a small can each -- whereas they used to only get a 3rd of a can each when Duncan was still with us. Of course, after they chowed down -- I heard one of them throwing up !! Grrrrrrr (Good one, Cat!) :-( She must have eaten too fast or something-- sheesh--- "easy come and easy go." :-(
I am grateful about so many things. I am glad Mom is still with us, and lives close by. I am glad my brother and sister in law live close by too. I am grateful I get along with my family -- so many people don't. I am grateful that my test results turned out to be negative. I am grateful for my catlets, and that I have a place to live. I am grateful that my legs are sometimes not so bad (at least the inability to walk is not constant). I am grateful I didn't get a parking ticket today! I am grateful I got home safely from a very high traffic drive tonight. I am grateful that we are in the Fall/Winter season (even tho it is going WAYYYYYY too fast!) (grins) I am grateful that it might rain tomorrow (I HOPE so == but I won't hold my breath). I am grateful for the Internet, computers, Beatles music, and "YouTube" videos LOL. Most of all, I am grateful for family and friends, old and new.
I HOPE you all have a Happy Thanksgiving -- whether you officially celebrate it or not. :-)


Wildstar said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you , Aurora
*** hugs ***

AuroraSkye said...

TY Wild -- :-) Same to you even tho it is a US Holiday. Never a bad thing to remember things with gratitude!

Hugsssss!! :-)