Thursday, November 26, 2009

I forget if I can link to pictures here

I guess I really need to figure out that Flicker thang ... Can you link pictures that you upload to Flicker == to other places on the web?

<--- A new computer sketch (of Dhani Harrison -- George Harrison's son)

<--- Here is the photo I used as a reference.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Hi there --- Autumn/Winter is going past WAYYYYYY too quickly!!! Summer didn't go by this fast! I guess it is cuz this is my favourite time of year but I sure wish that it wouldn't go past quite so quickly! LOL Anyway, I know that many people don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I think it is nice to think about being grateful for things no matter what day it is. I really should do that more often, myself! A lot of what I am grateful for is the same as what I was grateful for LAST year but I'm still going to list them because they are definitely things to still be grateful for. (Wacky sentence there!) :-)
I'm grateful for Tai Chi (my eldest cat) even tho she is making it extremely difficult to type right now because she decided she wants to be in my arms, to purr and shed! (grins) I'm grateful for my younger cat, Blueberry, because she is NOT bugging me to pat her at the moment- LOL ... Nahhhh...because she is a sweet heart (like her "cat sister" Tai Chi) and she (and Tai) bring me such love and companionship all year 'round. (I love my little catlets!) (smiles) I'm grateful for my family still being here and us all being relatively healthy! I'm grateful for the wonderful friends I have, both in RL and on SL. The SL ones are just as real and important to me as any and all friends I have made in real life! Their love and friendship help me at all times, happy, lonely, angry, or sad. I'm grateful it is RAINING today!!!!!! Whooo hooooo!!! I love it love it LOVE IT! It is sooo beautiful and grey outside. It is perfect for a cozy mood of getting together with family and friends. I'm grateful I have a place to go this year -- to my brother and sister in law's (I have had some years where I had no place to go, no one to celebrate with -- that can be very lonely) I'm grateful I have a roof over my head, and a working shower/bath! (grins) I am grateful my apt is a lot cleaner than it was last year ... and that is because of my care-giver, whom I am also VERY grateful for!!! I'm grateful for music and being able to hear it -- I recently saw Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son) in concert with his group "thenewno2" ("The Prisoner" reference), and his music was fantastic! (I've been enjoying his CD ever since). :-) I am VERY grateful that the arthritis in my knees/legs is not acting up as badly as it was last year -- so it is much easier to walk at this point!!!! (I am SOOOO grateful about that)!
I'm grateful for having a working computer and for being able to afford the cost to get online (and visit people!) I'm grateful for being alive at the time where we CAN have contact with people all over the world, instantly, ... I STILL hope that this contact can help us all as a species to try to STOP killing each other! (Hopefully make our differences stop being threatening so we can be tolorant of and actually enjoy our variety!) I am SOOOOOO grateful for animals being on this planet. They are sooooo beautiful and I think we could learn a lot from them! {I want to write some more because writing down grateful lists is such a good exercise to improve one's mood -- but I have to get ready to drive to my brother's for Thanksgiving -- THANK YOU everyone who visits this blog for being there!!! -- To Be continued Later! Hugssss!!!!}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I finally figured out my photo upload problem

LOLOL Turns out -- I only needed to check some sort of agreement thingy next to the upload button! I don't remember seeing that or having to check that little box before -- but I finally noticed it! I think I need a new brain (and some new eyeballs) lol
Now, if only they would let me change the colours of my titles again - I would be happy!

Here are the photos I was going to post in the earlier blog. :-) The first one shows many pretty fractal displays at the Fractal Diversity show that is on til mid January. I think it is so interesting seeing all the different fractals people come up with! There are so many beautiful fractals there!
The second picture is of a nice friend of mine named BellaSummer (and I) in front of my display at the show. I am still not sure I am pleased with my display. I may still change it (if that is allowed) I really wanted to go to the opening "gala" ....but as I say... I slept thru it!
I SHOULD go to sleep now (4:20 am) but, of course, I feel wide awake! (I think I belong in a different time zone!) lol

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi there --
I feel like such an idiot! I intended to go to the opening party for the Fractal Diversity show but I have insomnia and I was up til 11 am this morning - so I ended up sleeping thru the opening! :-( (I slept til 6:30 pm) I feel like such a dope. AND, my sleep is royally screwed up again. I don't want to take a sleeping pill every night (like my mom has to) because I am afraid I will become addicted to the sleeping pills and HAVE to take them. (Darn --I also still can't upload pictures to this blog --- anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this? It is no fun having a blog that I can't upload pictures to!!) This is not my day! I should go back to bed! :-(

Well, its been over a month since I have blogged...

I guess it may be a good idea to blog something tonight -- altho as usual, I don't know what to say! Erm...... (trying to think of something). This is embarrassing - you'd think that I could think of SOMETHING to write about.....other than cats and the weather.....
There is going to be the 2nd Annual Fractal Diversity exhibit starting today with an opening party at 3 pm 'til 6 pm, then it will run until mid January. I am grateful to be a part of it again. It is nice seeing the variety of fractal art that people come up with. There are many beautiful fractals there I would like to buy. Anyway, if you would like to -- stop by and check out the show ... I have the LM on SL but I am not sure how to put it in here -- but if you check out my store "AuroraSkye Creations at Wollaston" -- there is a poster on the Fractal show there that will give out Landmarks. :-)
(Darn -- I was going to put a picture in here but for some reason it is NOT letting me upload any pics! -- something about my "java"?) :-(