Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi there all .....I am SOOOOO glad that Autumn has arrived!

Hi there!!!
It is windy and a BIT rainy outside as I write this and I LOVE it! The leaves are turning beautiful bright colours, and the grey clouds look spectacular as they are sweeping across the sky (or they did earlier when I could see them in the daylight) LOLOL
I am still having to deal with stupid tub replacement etc in RL but I took a small break from the whole thing tonight, and visited my mom. It was fun. I got us the Applebees Two meals and an appetizer for $20 deal - and then drove to her place. She had the sirloin burger and I had the fiesta chicken. We watched episodes of "Medium" from my 4rth Season DVD. That is neat that she enjoys that series too. I brought my FINALLY charged camera over there and took pictures of her and her cat!
They promised us rain today but all we got was wind! (Sheesh) Finally, tonight, it started to rain a LITTLE bit! I sure hope it doesn't rain all night and end up being sunny tomorrow but I bet that is how it will be! It always seems to do that! I would much prefer it to be dry at night and RAIN RAIN RAIN all day but I know I am a minority in desiring that! (grins)
When I drove home from mom's I stopped off at the store. It was sooo nice to drive home in the rain (however small a rain it was) I stuck my hand out the window to collect rain-drops! (I am so mature! LOL) :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny!!! :-)

John (and Sean's) Birthday today. I guess John Lennon would have been 69. I sure wish he were still with us. Oh well =-- Happy Birthday, guys! :-)