Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, the cat show was fun....

I got to see a cat that I had never seen before except in books -- a Singapura!. I have been interested in Singapuras for ages and I got to see one in "purr-son" at the cat show! I even got to hold him. His name was "Tumble" and he was so so so sweet! Singapura's are VERY small cats -- full grown they still look like teenage kitties. They have round heads and VERY BIG eyes! They have grey ticked fur with a bit of brown to it and white bellies. They are so pretty!

The one I got to hold was a really friendly one too. I got to snuggle his head -- I probably would have been in trouble if he had been for sale. :-) They had no Singapura kittens there - but they said that they would be at least $800! (Yikes!)

I also got to pat a Bengal kitty= = BOY they sure have pretty markings. The owner was very friendly too -- Sometimes the cat owners can be rather aloof and stuck up, but this guy was very nice. I remember the Bengals as just having spots (which is wonderful enough) but now they even have the other colour within the spots -- making their markings even MORE like their wild "cousins." It would be so nice to have a Bengal kitty. :-)

Another favourite of mine are Birman cats -- especially blues --- and they had a BEAUTIFUL "blue point" Birman kitten for $500! He was a sweet-heart and both my sis-in-law and I wanted him -- but again -- too much money (and my brother had told my sis in law that if she came home with a kitten he would leave her!) !!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

International CAT show --

There is a CAT show today (grin) That is DANGEROUS for me!!! I will have to try VERY hard NOT to buy a kitten! (Of course -- those things can be so expensive anyway and I LOVE mutt cats -- so I usually get them from the Humane society == but I have been known to fall in love with a Scottish fold kitten or two (not that I bought them) ...and have always wanted a Singapura!!! Sooooo we shall see how good my resistance is tomorrow -- er -- later today (I stayed up too late again)

Malicious Intent made a NEW award all of her own and I am the first recipient of it!!! Wasn't that nice of her? It shows her beautiful artwork and I also love what she said it means. I shall have to try to make an award too, sometime, to give out to people. I have it posted on this blog (scroll down to see it) THANK you, Malicious! That was so sweet of you! I love it! :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How is this for amazing?

I actually took a sleeping pill last night at 11pm so I could force myself to sleep at a more normal time (because I have to get up and help my sis in law take her 2 dogs and one cat to the vets today). Anyway -- it worked *whoooo hooooo!!! I was actually able to sleep at midnight or so (usually impossible for me) and get up at 7:30 AM for a change (instead of 7:30 to 10 PM!)

As usual, I want this to last but it really is harder to do this all the time for me cus usually all I have to look forward to when I get up is: "CLEAN THE APT!" (ugh) So I go back to bed. LOL Plus, for some reason, my eyes physically hurt a lot when I wake up -- Which my friends and family say is not normal. It happens all the time to me so it seems normal to me. I have gone to eye Drs about it but no one seems to know what it is from. When my eyes sting -- all I want to do is close them again.

Anyway -- it is nice, at least, to be up in the morning TODAY! :-) I hope it lasts --

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Malcious Intent gave me an award (grin)

I don't really know how to put it up - maybe I link it somehow? Well I tried different ways and decided to just upload it but now -- how do I share it with others?

Very sweet of her to think of me -- Thank you, Thank you! (grin) The rule or suggestion now is to pass it on to 10 people -- I am not sure I even KNOW ten other bloggers but I DO know some special people/bloggers who are very deserving of an award. :-)

First I would like to give an award to a NON-blogger friend of mine (hmmmmmm -- kind of strange to give a BLOG award to a non-blogger but oh well -- I want to ! LOL):

  1. To AlphaTest - on SL -- who kept at me to blog until I finally gave in ....and then she helped me again when I forgot my passwords LOL
  2. To FD Sparks - For his creative and sensitve blog. - Brain Lag & Unrezzed Grey Reality
  3. To Mykyl - for her very thought-provoking blog - Constructs of a Mind
  4. To Mordecai (and Kacy) - For their wonderful Blog - It's a Scaggs Life! One of my first introductions to a blog when he kindly took me under his wing and wrote about my fractal artwork on Second Life.
  5. To Catherine for - Catherine's Diary -- I have not seen her blog in ages but I hope she decides to come back
  6. To Historical Wit - for his extremely intelligent and informative blogs where he shares historical facts and on another one -- lovely artwork.
  7. To whomever blogs - Deep Sky - because that is a BEAUTIFUL blog with many wonderful Astronomy pics and facts.
  8. And last but definately not least --back to Malicious Intent -for her exceptionally creative, humorous and entertaining blog.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I talked myself into going out ...

......and I am so glad I did. My brother and sister in law joined me for dinner (which is very unusual because they are usually way too busy). Afterwards we went back to their house for a bit. I always enjoy spending time with both of them. I love them so much.

My brother spent some time teaching me the Hebrew alphabet, and he said I was learning it very quickly (which, of course, made me feel good) I was able to sound out some of the words from the rules he taught me -- but of course I had to ask him what they meant.

I also got to hold their 5 month old cat-- Meeko. He is such a CUTE cat!!! Very pretty colouring. Every time I try to hold him he wants to get away from me -- it reminds me of that cartoon -- Pepe LePu (*spelling?) where I am the skunk trying to kiss the kitty cat and the kitty cat is struggling to get away. LOL

I really enjoy hanging out with my brother and sister in law cuz we laugh a lot. I don't get much human contact locally = so it is hard to go back home alone again after spending some time with them. :-( I really should get out more but it is hard to talk myself into going anywhere when I have no one to go with and no where to go.

I explored some other blogs ....

....and saw that they had some neat graphics for their blog titles .... so it finally dawned on me that I could do that too. LOL (Sometimes I can be slow) So I decided to make a pretty title for my blog. It is using part of one of my fractals in the background. I wish I had a larger selection of fonts for my art programs but that one will do. :-)

As I type this I have a grey cat behind me who keeps meowing and wanting to come and shed into my keyboard. She is a cutie (even though she is also a pest) lol. I will add more to this "fascinating" (HA) blog later but I will save it as is for now.

I am actually awake at a normal time today -- I sure hope that lasts! Before that - I spent Friday and Saturday in bed avoiding RL. I really hate it when I do that.

I am REALLY craving a "green burrito" at a local fast food place -- I just wish I could wiggle my nose like in "Bewitched" and have it appear cuz I don't want to go out in the cold and drive 12 miles round trip to get it. (I know that is lazy of me) I probably SHOULD go out though, cuz at least that would be getting out and doing something.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I SHOULD be heading for bed but ....

....But I decided to make a couple of new fractals.....

Here is a neat one I call "Electricity"

Here's another one :-) Well, to bed for me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been having trouble .....

... thinking of anything to say lately. I have been sleeping a lot. In fact, how is this for funny? I got a call from a "Sleep test" place (to set up an appointment to check me for Sleep apnea) but I missed it cuz I slept thru it ! lolol

But seriously, I have not really been feeling very pleased with myself lately. :-( (so what else is new?) I like myself better in my dreams than in reality - so many times I don't want to wake up..... but I know I should be careful what I wish for. I don't particularly want to leave this planet yet.

Tomorrow Never Knows/Within You Without You :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I made a Butterfly Dress this morning

I am quite pleased with it. My friend, named Cas on SL, bought a butterfly wing dress (monarch) for $500 Lindens --- and has been enjoying it so I decided to try to make a butterfly dress myself. I choose blue butterfly wings for mine. It was a lot of work (took many hours). I alpha-ed out the wings (I also alpha-ed out the butterfly itself poor thing LOL) and brought the texture in. Then made the flexi skirt and Flexi wings to go with it, and, of course, the shirt, undershirt, pants etc. I hope it is something that people will want to wear. :-)

I priced it at $450 L and put it in my only current store on SL. I am not sure if the price is too high or not but then again it has a lot of pieces, and took a lot of work so I would hope it would be worth the price of a RL cup of coffee LOL. :-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

George Harrison - "AnyRoad"

OOOO it worked -- and this a GREAT song! :-)


Hi there --- I am feeling discouraged ..... I am trying not to let it bother me but I am upset about it....

On SL I own a small bit of 512 land because I can't afford tiers. Unfortunately there is a REAL ____________ of a neighbour who is trying to force me off the land so she can own it all ..... She has put a HUGE monstrosity of a "store" butted RIGHT up against my little 512 property -- blocking out the sun and sky. :-(

I have bent over backwards to be nice to her -- even removing a tree that was showing some leaves into her store (because she has it SOOOO bloody close to my property == grrrr) :-( But she is being so unreasonable. She owns MOST of the sim already so she really could place this "store" anywhere. She can move it more towards the ocean and she would lose nothing but NOOOOOO == she is refusing. She has requested favours of my neighbour and I and we have complied but she has not recipricated in kind. She really IS awful and it really upsets me. It has changed a lovely peaceful home into a place of heart ache.

I guess I just had to complain a bit here. It really hurts. :-( I know that there are CREEPS in RL so it should be NO surprize to find them in SL as well but still -- it really IS upsetting to find one "so close to home." :-(

Thursday, January 3, 2008


-- It is a new year --- I HOPE I do better THIS year than i did last year but I am not sure I will -- I am not good at New Year's Resolutions, so I don't even bother making them. Still, a new year DOES give one the feeling of being able to start over, new and fresh, doesnt it?

2007 was a prettier coloured year than this new year because "7"s are a darker prettier green than my olive/khaki coloured "8"s. If we all make it that long -- 2009 will be a nicely coloured year cuz "9"s are a nice maroon colour. Unfortunately "2"s put an orange haze over everything. (I am not a great fan of orange).

Perhaps some of you have colours for numbers too (and for letters, names, days of the week, months, seasons, years etc) If so, you may have something called Synaesthesia -- or "mixture of the senses. It is not a dysfunctional thing -- many VERY intelligent and creative people have synaesthesia. It doesn't cause any problems --in fact, many people feel blessed to have this added dimension to their senses. It comes in different forms -- some see colours and/or images for music, sounds, .... some see shapes etc when they taste things. Some, like me, see colours for numbers, letters and words.... and colours and shapes for days of the week.

Those of us that have colours for numbers and letters of the alphabet all have DIFFERENT colours -- and they are not neccessarily ones that we would choose. Many times they are VERY subtle shades that are hard to find on a colour wheel/chart. Just for fun - I think I will see how close I can get to finding the right colours for MY numbers/alphabet using the choices that come with this blog form:



Pretty good! Those colours are really pretty darn close to the ones I "see" in my mind for those letters. Many of my letters are black but I coloured them grey so they could show up on the black page. Now for the numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Do any of you out there have colours for your letters and numbers too? Well, that was fun! Now -- off to bed for me. :-)