Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tomorrow Never Knows/Within You Without You :-)


Malicious Intent said...

Wow! What a total visual acid trip! I loved it, thanks for sharing!!!

As for the graphic of my flower. I created that in corel photopaint. I started with a black background, then I just created a circle with a fill that has various colors with a texture I liked. I then took the circle and used the mesh warp feature and made it into a shape that reminded me of a petal. I used another texture called "plastic" to give it more depth. I started to make copies of the "petal" and made a circle out of them. After looking at it more, I made anoter petal, shrunk it down a bit, flip the direction and created more of those to make the next inner row of petals. I continued this until I felt I went small enough, then I used another feature to make a star in the center. I then took the same texture I used in the petals and made that into the background. Tada! The trick was placing each petal precisely till it lined up right. Otherwise, a pretty easy project. Most things I do are not technically difficult, it's the idea that comes to mind that is important. Using computer graphics, I have more control and can get that idea in my head out faster than if I were to draw or paint it by hand (which the hands are toast now that I have had tremors in them since age 15.) I love letting my mind escape when I open my little crayon box on my computer and I don't have to follow any rules. It's rather empowering. Hope that answered your question. :)

AuroraSkye said...

Wow -- ty so much for your explanation of how to do that beautiful flower, Malicious -- ALL who can read this should head over and see her GORGEOUS artwork!!! I am not sure I would have the patience or coordination to try it but I sure would like to-- It sure turned out NEAT!!!

Also -- I am so glad you liked that acid trip video of a combination of 2 of my fave Beatles songs (one by John and one by George). I wish I were talented like some people online to make videos myself but this one is from the Las Vegas Cirque de Solei (spelling) Beatles "Love" show. (or the CD promoting it) I sure want to see that show. I love those two songs and the way they put that video together.