Thursday, January 3, 2008


-- It is a new year --- I HOPE I do better THIS year than i did last year but I am not sure I will -- I am not good at New Year's Resolutions, so I don't even bother making them. Still, a new year DOES give one the feeling of being able to start over, new and fresh, doesnt it?

2007 was a prettier coloured year than this new year because "7"s are a darker prettier green than my olive/khaki coloured "8"s. If we all make it that long -- 2009 will be a nicely coloured year cuz "9"s are a nice maroon colour. Unfortunately "2"s put an orange haze over everything. (I am not a great fan of orange).

Perhaps some of you have colours for numbers too (and for letters, names, days of the week, months, seasons, years etc) If so, you may have something called Synaesthesia -- or "mixture of the senses. It is not a dysfunctional thing -- many VERY intelligent and creative people have synaesthesia. It doesn't cause any problems --in fact, many people feel blessed to have this added dimension to their senses. It comes in different forms -- some see colours and/or images for music, sounds, .... some see shapes etc when they taste things. Some, like me, see colours for numbers, letters and words.... and colours and shapes for days of the week.

Those of us that have colours for numbers and letters of the alphabet all have DIFFERENT colours -- and they are not neccessarily ones that we would choose. Many times they are VERY subtle shades that are hard to find on a colour wheel/chart. Just for fun - I think I will see how close I can get to finding the right colours for MY numbers/alphabet using the choices that come with this blog form:



Pretty good! Those colours are really pretty darn close to the ones I "see" in my mind for those letters. Many of my letters are black but I coloured them grey so they could show up on the black page. Now for the numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Do any of you out there have colours for your letters and numbers too? Well, that was fun! Now -- off to bed for me. :-)



FD Spark said...

Perhaps you could change the color of the number 8? Repaint it? Yet
I know certain things we perceive often get stuck in what we perceive they should be or values we give them, sometimes sadly those perceptions cause us pain.
Few times I swore I could feel and smell the color blue.
The sensations were very uncomfortable even painful.
It felt like everything I touched was so ice cold it burned my skin.
It was a very uncomfortable situation at the time I figure it was a flash back from all the LSD I did in my youth. I assumed certain things are suppose to be certain ways but I am also aware that maybe there is more to what I have been told is the norm but I have never entirely believed what is the norm is always what is true based on my own experience. Yet often I smell or hear things that others don't.
It is easy to judge this as abnormal but it causes no harm to anyone, including myself so why should it be classified as disorder or abnormal?
Most recent episode was few years back after my Grandmother died. I swore I kept smelling her perfume. I always associated my Grandmother with the perfume, called "Charlie"
Numbers though I tend to associate with stories, valuables but that just me.

Malicious Intent said...

I am totally a music has shapes colors gal. And colors have sounds etc. It took me a long time before I realized that most folks didn't think or see or hear that way. Explains my love for colors and music. I prefer to listen to music when doing artwork, what I listen to had a direct impact on my choice of colors and intensity, etc. (Boy do I love my new iPod!) Personally, I love it...I think we have the upper hand on a lot of things, if we learn to use what gifts we have. Found an artist I like, I'll be posting about him soon. Meanwhile, I did get pics up of my new scarf I just finished.
Kewl blog, thanks!

P.S. WE got about 1 hour of snow the other day, if that is what you want to call it. It was more like dandruff falling from the sky only to tease us!
Snow dance, must find snow dance.

Anonymous said...

I sort of understand because occasionally I see colors and images when I hear certain music. I think that it's a neat thing. :)