Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Malcious Intent gave me an award (grin)

I don't really know how to put it up - maybe I link it somehow? Well I tried different ways and decided to just upload it but now -- how do I share it with others?

Very sweet of her to think of me -- Thank you, Thank you! (grin) The rule or suggestion now is to pass it on to 10 people -- I am not sure I even KNOW ten other bloggers but I DO know some special people/bloggers who are very deserving of an award. :-)

First I would like to give an award to a NON-blogger friend of mine (hmmmmmm -- kind of strange to give a BLOG award to a non-blogger but oh well -- I want to ! LOL):

  1. To AlphaTest - on SL -- who kept at me to blog until I finally gave in ....and then she helped me again when I forgot my passwords LOL
  2. To FD Sparks - For his creative and sensitve blog. - Brain Lag & Unrezzed Grey Reality
  3. To Mykyl - for her very thought-provoking blog - Constructs of a Mind
  4. To Mordecai (and Kacy) - For their wonderful Blog - It's a Scaggs Life! One of my first introductions to a blog when he kindly took me under his wing and wrote about my fractal artwork on Second Life.
  5. To Catherine for - Catherine's Diary -- I have not seen her blog in ages but I hope she decides to come back
  6. To Historical Wit - for his extremely intelligent and informative blogs where he shares historical facts and on another one -- lovely artwork.
  7. To whomever blogs - Deep Sky - because that is a BEAUTIFUL blog with many wonderful Astronomy pics and facts.
  8. And last but definately not least --back to Malicious Intent -for her exceptionally creative, humorous and entertaining blog.


FD Spark said...

congrats on your award.
I really love the changes you did with your page.
I am going to have to bug you some time for you to show me how you added the new colorful background,etc.

AuroraSkye said...

Oh I hope you come back FD --- I was writing you an award as you were reading my post in progress. (I probably should wait before I put the post up but I like to see it in progress cuz I love to play with the colours of the fonts! LOLOL)

Anonymous said...

Play with the colours of the fonts - no! really? :P

A lovely banner by the way... and thank you sooo much for putting me on your list... *blushes* but I really shouldn't be there because (as you said) I don't have a blog. Mykyl should probably have top spot, for posting her adventures nearly daily, or FD maybe, for his deepening insights into the avatar condition, creativity, and what you can do with yourself amid these "interesting times".

*huggles* you've even got yourself a retinue of regular readers and posters now (o.O)... congratulations to most Excellent catty sis \(^_^)/.

Anonymous said...

:) Thank you Aurora!

/me blushes and backs carefully away from the spotlight... :)

(BTW - I need you to meet me in the village soon to move your artwork)

Malicious Intent said...

It looks lovely on your site. Just ad it to your side bar for safe keeping. :)