Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Root canal over -- yeah!

Well at least the root canal is over -- and I am so glad about that (unless I need another one). I am so glad that is over ('cept for the crown that has to go on this particular one, afterwards). Unfortunately, for some reason, my left leg is really hurting like crazy every time I try to lift of move it even an inch. (Makes it hard to go up even a little step, and hard to walk) What is with my stupid body falling apart? Anyway -- sorry to complain. I think I will go to bed. :-(

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crud-- Root canals.... :-(

Hi there--- I got the results of my teeth X-rays today -- in the upper right area there are two big cavities side by side between two teeth == one with a filling and one with a crown. It seems to be into the root area so they are saying I prob will need one or both teeth to have root canals (UGH!!!!!) So much for it just being from grinding my teeth -- I didn't think that was the only problem.
Of course the root canal has to be done by a different dentist who wants to charge $200 JUST for a consultation (not counting the root canals at all!!!!) CRAP !!! (Scuse my language) I have no dental insurance (of course) and they are saying the total can be in the thousands --- I HATE this. :-(
Still -- I see no choice -- the teeth need to be fixed .... it's just that one of the last times I had to get a root canal the tooth broke in two == and the stupid dentist said "Hey at least it saves you money cuz you don't need the root canal anymore" <----- Yeah -- Right -- I ended up having to pay a lot for the tooth to be extracted and then they reccomended an implant- so I paid over $2500 for that and it turned out that the implant screw kept stripping and soon it was obsolete so I now have a useless metal implant base in my jaw (which also caused part of my jaw to go numb permanently) with no top tooth on it -- all a total waste of time effort and money (but "at least it saves you money cuz you don't need a root canal anymore" <--- Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!)
(Aren't I in a great mood? LOL)

Monday, July 21, 2008

I am kind of proud of myself....I DID it....

Hi there --- I am rather pleased with myself -- despite feeling pretty darn depressed this past weekend -- at least I DID go and try out for that new Meow Mix Cat series (I wrote about below)! I wasn't sure I would attempt it -- and I DON'T think I made it into the finals or anything but I am just pleased that I actually TRIED! When I am depressed (or sometimes even when I am NOT depressed) -- I can easily talk myself out of trying out for things -- especially when those things involve being in front of a camera (eeek!!!) So, the fact that I collected Tai Chi and put her into the cat carrier, looked up the address online, got myself up and showered, and got us both to the audition -- took the cat test, helped Tai Chi thru the nervous cat/behavioural test and then both of us took that camera test -- that is pretty good! :-)
It was heavy for me trying to carry Tai in the cat carrier so I walked in with her on the leash (besides -- I wanted to show how good she is on a leash -- see photo above) but they wanted her in a carrier (darn it) so they never really saw what she could do leash-wise. Still, it was so cute when she went up to the behavioural judges for them to determine if she was calm enough to go thru with the camera test -- she actually ate their treats!!!! (She is usually very picky about eating so I wasn't expecting her to chow down on their treats at all) ....AND .... she even bumped one of the judges under the chin with her nose (something that she usually only does with me when she wants to be scratched under her chin!) The judge loved it and said "I want her!" That was soooo neat! Needless to say -- we made it thru to the final "in front of the camera" part.
Unfortunately -- that is the part where I feel we will flunk as a team -- not cuz of her but because of the shape *(or lack there of) of "her mommy" -- ME. It was rather intimidating sitting there holding her in all those bright lights -- with the camera staring at us -- a sound boom over-head, and a panel of 3 judges asking us questions. I pretty much blanked on things to say --- and felt very self-conscious. I think I said pretty stupid things. OH well. LOLOL
Still, we got some free cat food samples when we left -- and they will let us know if we qualify for anything (again -- I doubt it) by August 11th. We were "Cat-testants # 0921" I am not sure whether that means that they had over 900 people in Portland alone -- or if that is how many they had TOTAL -- in all the cities they have auditioned so far. I don't think they have many cities left -- they may only have Los Angeles left. They are only looking for 8 people (and their cats) so the competition is pretty stiff.
When I came home -- I treated Tai Chi to a walk outside -- one of her favourite things to do and something I don't do often enough anymore. She got to wander around and eat grass and roll in the dirt. She really enjoyed it and I know she wanted to stay out even longer but I got tired. :-( I am DEFINATELY not in anywhere NEAR the shape that I used to be when I used to take her for short kitty walks. I think she had fun, though, and she is such a good cat -- such a sweet heart. :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday for FD --

Hi there!!! An SL friend, named FD, is going to have a RL birthday coming up. He, and friends, made my birthday, (last June 14th), special for me, so I wanted to do the same for him. :-) His B-day is coming up this Saturday, July 19th. I hope he has a very happy one. I made a banner and a gift of a fractal shirt for whomever buys some of his things at our store at Etopia. I set them out already because it will give more time for people to buy things. :-) I hope a lot of people buy things from ya, FD! :-) HAPPY *(early) BIRTHDAY!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going thru some old pics....

Hi there -- I decided to go thru some old SL pics I sent to myself via email. There are many I haven't looked thru so -- I figure I will put some up in this blog.
<---This one is of Hell and I fishing next to a Mer-witch? :-)

Below I hope to put a pic of Cas with some very pretty colourful Venom fish.

She is standing at a place in SL's Wollaston where I have some of my art and dresses.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I made another dress....

I don't know why I bother to keep a blog, actually, .... I never say much and I rarely get any comments on what I *do* say. It kind of is a waste of internet space.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ooooo this is SOOOO tempting......

I am so tempted to try out for this with Tai Chi. Blueberry is cuter (IMO) but she is not very friendly with other people, whereas Tai Chi is VERY good with others and even with dogs! She is a pet assisted therapy cat -- I think she would be great on TV. (Now - if only I could find someone ELSE to be ME). LOL

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I miss my fangs, darn it :-(

One more comment on my teeth grinding bit - the dentist showed me how I have ground my front teeth til they are flat straight across. :-( I have never liked my teeth but sheesh they are even uglier now -- I like teeth that go down in front -- and I LOVE fangs -- but now I have neither. I wondered about maybe trying those teeth veneers but today I found out that they charge $1,200 PER TOOTH for those !!!!!! WOW -- way above MY range-- darn it. So I guess I get to have flat teeth in front for the rest of my life (that I have my teeth) :-(

We need a nice picture of George Harrison (with fangs) to cheer me up...... Oh he sure had NICE fangs!!! :-) He could have bitten me ANY time!

Wheeeeeee-- I am grinding my teeth at night!

Hi there -- I went to the dentist today to check out the pain I had on my upper right side - without looking at any X-rays - the dentist decided it was because I am grinding my teeth vigorously every night. :-( So now he wants me to just "mentally" tell myself to "wake up" every time I grind my teeth. Here I am trying to use the sleep apnea thingy to NOT keep waking up --- and now I am supposed to try to WAKE up a lot during the night to stop grinding my teeth into rubble. :-( It sure seems to be a "war-zone" when I try to sleep --- no WONDER I fight it so much and stay up all the time.
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
Well, I had them take a full series of X-rays (cuz it has been 3 years since I have been to the dentist) and I am supposed to come back in two weeks for a teeth cleaning. I hope I can cure the grinding problem simply with the power of my mind..... but I think I may need the help of one of those teeth guards. I hope I will be able to use it with the sleep apnea machine --- so many things on and in my face -- UGH!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heatwave back!

Hi there -- The heat wave is back in Portland. Wheeeeeee! I must admit -- I didn't miss the heat when we had some nice cool days this past weekend. Still -- I am VERY grateful for my hard working "portable" air conditioner -- which I have running again. :-)

On SL - I have been making many new dresses, and even some overalls. Frankly, it is such a pain getting photos taken for boxes etc -- I would rather just make them and wish they would package themselves. LOLOL Still - I hope I can get them packaged and up soon cuz they are nice ones (in my opinion)

Above, a friend of mine, and I model two of the newest dresses (that aren't even up for sale yet). They are really fun to make and to wear. :-) Below - is one of my SL sisters, Lexi, (with good friend, and "bratty Sis," Alpha lol). Lexi is wearing another of my new dresses (also not up for sale yet). I think a lot of my dresses look so much better on darker skin than my avi has. My avi "glows in the dark" lol
Well, have a nice day everyone! And don't get too hot now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I wish I could write an optomistic blog today but...

...... I just don't feel good physically, so it is hard to be optomistic about anything. :-(
I don't know about teeth --- so I don't know whether my tooth has absessed or what has happened but the whole upper right teeth area - hurts, and I feel very BLAH. :-( A friend, online, said that a friend of his ended up in the hospital with heart trouble when his tooth absessed so, of course, I hope that that does not/ will not happen to me.
My family (brother and sis in law) are going over to the assisted care living place where my mom lives, for the 4rth tomorrow. At this point -- I am not sure I want to go at all. :-(
Well ....trying to write something on a nicer note -- we had a WONDERFUL lightning/thunder storm last night/this morning at 2 AM til 4 am or so..... I sure LOVE lightning storms. I sat outside on my deck for awhile and saw some neat flashes - til it started POURING rain! I love rain and stayed out in it for awhile til it started pouring BUCKETS -- (whooo hoooo!) when I decided it might be healthier to not get COMPLETELY soaked, and I came back in and went to bed.
I was thinking that that NEAT thunder storm might count as my 4rth of July celebration this year, since I just don't feel well enough to go to my mom's.
I love images of lightning! The two of these on this blog were taken by people around the Portland area.
Aren't these wonderful? They look professional! I wish I could get some neat lightning shots like these!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well I made a dentist appointment...

Turns out - the last time I was there was in August of 2005!!!! YIKES!!!! (I am obviously not a great fan of dentists) Still -- it is upsetting cuz the dentist I really liked has moved farther away :-( So it is having to start with a new dentist again. (I find it very hard to find drs and dentists).

Oh well -- at least I made the appointment -- (Next Wednesday) (They are closed this week) :-(