Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I miss my fangs, darn it :-(

One more comment on my teeth grinding bit - the dentist showed me how I have ground my front teeth til they are flat straight across. :-( I have never liked my teeth but sheesh they are even uglier now -- I like teeth that go down in front -- and I LOVE fangs -- but now I have neither. I wondered about maybe trying those teeth veneers but today I found out that they charge $1,200 PER TOOTH for those !!!!!! WOW -- way above MY range-- darn it. So I guess I get to have flat teeth in front for the rest of my life (that I have my teeth) :-(

We need a nice picture of George Harrison (with fangs) to cheer me up...... Oh he sure had NICE fangs!!! :-) He could have bitten me ANY time!

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