Monday, July 21, 2008

I am kind of proud of myself....I DID it....

Hi there --- I am rather pleased with myself -- despite feeling pretty darn depressed this past weekend -- at least I DID go and try out for that new Meow Mix Cat series (I wrote about below)! I wasn't sure I would attempt it -- and I DON'T think I made it into the finals or anything but I am just pleased that I actually TRIED! When I am depressed (or sometimes even when I am NOT depressed) -- I can easily talk myself out of trying out for things -- especially when those things involve being in front of a camera (eeek!!!) So, the fact that I collected Tai Chi and put her into the cat carrier, looked up the address online, got myself up and showered, and got us both to the audition -- took the cat test, helped Tai Chi thru the nervous cat/behavioural test and then both of us took that camera test -- that is pretty good! :-)
It was heavy for me trying to carry Tai in the cat carrier so I walked in with her on the leash (besides -- I wanted to show how good she is on a leash -- see photo above) but they wanted her in a carrier (darn it) so they never really saw what she could do leash-wise. Still, it was so cute when she went up to the behavioural judges for them to determine if she was calm enough to go thru with the camera test -- she actually ate their treats!!!! (She is usually very picky about eating so I wasn't expecting her to chow down on their treats at all) ....AND .... she even bumped one of the judges under the chin with her nose (something that she usually only does with me when she wants to be scratched under her chin!) The judge loved it and said "I want her!" That was soooo neat! Needless to say -- we made it thru to the final "in front of the camera" part.
Unfortunately -- that is the part where I feel we will flunk as a team -- not cuz of her but because of the shape *(or lack there of) of "her mommy" -- ME. It was rather intimidating sitting there holding her in all those bright lights -- with the camera staring at us -- a sound boom over-head, and a panel of 3 judges asking us questions. I pretty much blanked on things to say --- and felt very self-conscious. I think I said pretty stupid things. OH well. LOLOL
Still, we got some free cat food samples when we left -- and they will let us know if we qualify for anything (again -- I doubt it) by August 11th. We were "Cat-testants # 0921" I am not sure whether that means that they had over 900 people in Portland alone -- or if that is how many they had TOTAL -- in all the cities they have auditioned so far. I don't think they have many cities left -- they may only have Los Angeles left. They are only looking for 8 people (and their cats) so the competition is pretty stiff.
When I came home -- I treated Tai Chi to a walk outside -- one of her favourite things to do and something I don't do often enough anymore. She got to wander around and eat grass and roll in the dirt. She really enjoyed it and I know she wanted to stay out even longer but I got tired. :-( I am DEFINATELY not in anywhere NEAR the shape that I used to be when I used to take her for short kitty walks. I think she had fun, though, and she is such a good cat -- such a sweet heart. :-)


Mykyl said...

Good for you! If you make it or not, you "won" just by trying - and what a great thing to try:) Congratulations :)

FD Spark said...

That is so super cool.
I am really proud of Tai Chi and you going out in the cruel world taking some risk cause you I know know I know how hard it is.
Bravo for facing fear, rejection, and walking through it.
Ok so it may not of turned out way you liked but you did it and you survived, Tai Chi being cat of course out shined you.
But Cat's will do that.
It is us fat humans dealing with skinny, superficial judgemental humans that sometimes is difficult sometimes to deal with.
Hon even if you were size zero you probably still feel way you did inside but you faced it anyway.

AuroraSkye said...

TY TY TY TY both of you, my dear friends! Yeah -- I really am pleased I did that (altho I would HATE to see my face/body on film -- Eeeeek!!!) It WOULD be neat if they showed Tai Chi during their show tho. :-) I don't even know what channel they are going to be on or if it is a channel I get. Any mention of a channel on their page -- doesn't sound like any channel I know.

TY so much both of you for your kind words of encouragement!


Malicious Intent said...

I love your cat! I use to have one like that named spud. :)