Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crud-- Root canals.... :-(

Hi there--- I got the results of my teeth X-rays today -- in the upper right area there are two big cavities side by side between two teeth == one with a filling and one with a crown. It seems to be into the root area so they are saying I prob will need one or both teeth to have root canals (UGH!!!!!) So much for it just being from grinding my teeth -- I didn't think that was the only problem.
Of course the root canal has to be done by a different dentist who wants to charge $200 JUST for a consultation (not counting the root canals at all!!!!) CRAP !!! (Scuse my language) I have no dental insurance (of course) and they are saying the total can be in the thousands --- I HATE this. :-(
Still -- I see no choice -- the teeth need to be fixed .... it's just that one of the last times I had to get a root canal the tooth broke in two == and the stupid dentist said "Hey at least it saves you money cuz you don't need the root canal anymore" <----- Yeah -- Right -- I ended up having to pay a lot for the tooth to be extracted and then they reccomended an implant- so I paid over $2500 for that and it turned out that the implant screw kept stripping and soon it was obsolete so I now have a useless metal implant base in my jaw (which also caused part of my jaw to go numb permanently) with no top tooth on it -- all a total waste of time effort and money (but "at least it saves you money cuz you don't need a root canal anymore" <--- Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!)
(Aren't I in a great mood? LOL)


Wildstar said...

sorry if I laugh ... :)
the comment of your dentist on your split tooth reminds me an experience in the cafeteria where I was having lunch a few years ago. A collegue found a worm in the salad ! And their comment was : "well .. at least that demnstrates that our salad is fresh!"

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL Ewwwwwwwww ! But you're right -- that IS a similar type comment! LOL

If I ever found a worm in my mom's soup (*which I actually did) she would always say: "Don't complain -- it is extra protein!!" EEEEEK!


(It is always nice to see a comment from you Wild -- Thanks!) :-)