Friday, May 29, 2009

It is HOT today and will be tomorrow and the next day too (UGH)

I am still upset at not being able to change the colours of the titles of these posts anymore -- I would have the title of this one be a bright HOT orange! !!!!! Oh well ....
I tried to clean a bit today but it was too hot to get much done. Big 5 hour cleaning tomorrow. I finally decided to put on the "Portable" (HA -- it is HUGE) LOLOL Air Conditioner again == I am so glad I bought it last year. I hope it lasts thru this summer and for many many many years after that!
I must admit -- it is a bit irritating to be having this much of a heat wave when it isn't even officially summer yet!!! Eeeek! If it is this hot now -=- I hate to think of what this year's summer is going to be like! But nahhh-=-= there is no global warming! <--- sarcastic remark to my brother who really believes there is NO global warming. :-(

Monday, May 25, 2009

Darn -- I really HATE not being able to change the colours of my titles :-(

It was soooo much prettier when I could change the title colours== Darn Darn Darn! :-(
Well, maybe I can at least find a pretty fractal to put in here.....

It's been awhile again.... LOL

Hi there --
Sorry it has been awhile since I have Blogged (*again). I have been going thru a big time "cleaning phaze" in real life ==- and I figure I will take advantage of it! (grins)

***{Oh DARN==- I tried putting colour in my title again and they have definately stopped letting us do that -- I think that is such a shame because I really like having diff colours in the titles rather than always having them be that same old dull blueish colour ..... Am I missing a way where I can continue to have different colours in my titles}***

Anyway -- I am soooooo grateful I have a GOOD helper now for cleaning! She is amazing! This week we got a LOT done -- including vacuuming the window screen!!!! (*to get it nice and clean) and washing the windows!! (smiles) I am even going to have my curtains dry cleaned (to get dust and cat hair off of them)
I have been sorting a lot -- I have WAYYYYYYY too many photos of Adrian Paul from the "Highlander" *(Conventions)-- but I am not sure how to do the whole "selling on Ebay" bit == so I will probably join "" and give many collectibles away. It sure will be nice to hardly have any possessions anymore (altho that is a ways down the road)
Well -I wanted to wave "Hi" to those few who frequent this blog page-- and let you all know that I am ok --- I hope/plan to be on SL again soon -- I miss everyone -- but as I say == I want to take advantage of my craving to clean for as long as I can! :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Been a long time since I have last blogged...

Hi there --- Sorry it has been so long since my last blog. I have been pretty busy in RL -- so much so that I have not even gotten onto SL much lately.
*(Hmmmmmm I wonder if I can still change colours in Blog titles -- it is now giving me an error in the HTML message which is strange cuz I didn't even WRITE the HTML -- I let this site write it ...Darn -- looks like I can no longer change the colours of the titles to these :-( SHAME) :-(.) Darn -- Oh well ....
I had to rush off before I could finish this blog -- not that it is a very creative one anyway .... I've been doing a lot of apt cleaning lately -- I finally have someone who can help !!! (Woooo Hoooooo!!!) Together we are getting quite a lot done and it feels great!
Of course, I will feel even better when I get rid of many many many more possessions. I have given a lot away to Goodwill etc so far =--but I have far more I want to give away. I know that I will feel a lot freer when I have many less material items cluttering up my life. I have a lot of interests and a very small apt -- NOT a good combination. LOL
At any rate-- I am SOOOOOO grateful to FINALLY have some help to get the things done that I have wanted to do for a long time. :-)