Friday, May 29, 2009

It is HOT today and will be tomorrow and the next day too (UGH)

I am still upset at not being able to change the colours of the titles of these posts anymore -- I would have the title of this one be a bright HOT orange! !!!!! Oh well ....
I tried to clean a bit today but it was too hot to get much done. Big 5 hour cleaning tomorrow. I finally decided to put on the "Portable" (HA -- it is HUGE) LOLOL Air Conditioner again == I am so glad I bought it last year. I hope it lasts thru this summer and for many many many years after that!
I must admit -- it is a bit irritating to be having this much of a heat wave when it isn't even officially summer yet!!! Eeeek! If it is this hot now -=- I hate to think of what this year's summer is going to be like! But nahhh-=-= there is no global warming! <--- sarcastic remark to my brother who really believes there is NO global warming. :-(


Wildstar said...

well .. the temperature dropped more than 15 degrees C in the past couple of days (I leave the conversion to F to you :D)

'hope it happens the same over there ! :)

Princess Ivory said...

Sorry you are suffering from the heat. It is getting warm for us, but not yet hot. I haven't had to use the air conditioning recently, just the fan setting on the blower to move the air around in the house.

It is no fun to clean when it is hot. :( I hope it cools off for you.

AuroraSkye said...

TY so much for your comments, Wild and Princess!!! It is so nice of you both to comment cuz it makes me feel less alone here on this blog. :-)

It is still hot here and they are saying it is going to be hot all week =--= UGH UGH UGH! :-(

I sure wish the RAIN would come back! (Smiles just thinking about nice cooooool rainnnnn!) :-)

Lynda said...

Listen babe, ya gotta stop sending your rain down here, I don't know how to throw it back your way.


AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL Lynda -- I will try to reel it back -- and ty for trying to send the rain here! (grins)

Where are ya?

Malicious Intent said...

Hot and muggy here, and bad storms. Had some bad winds here yesterday, ripped a roof off of a car dealer ship and did damage in other areas.
More storms later tonight. I am worried about a summer of these quick hit and run but scary strong storms, they are so unpredictable.

AuroraSkye said...

WOW sounds wild, MI! We actually had one yesterday evening too! It was really HOT before hand and they had some small storm warnings far away so I paid no attention -- and just wished it would RAIN -- well FINALLY the storms actually came in and started with heavy winds and NO rain -- just blowing a lot of dust around -! But finally the RAIN started and Lightning and thunder! I loved it (of course) Many trees fell *(sad) and one hit a car but fortunately everyone was OK.


SEND MORE STORMS this way Please! (grins) It sure brought the temps down!!!