Friday, August 21, 2009

Yea -- it should be cooler tomorrow/today! Whoo hooo!!!

Hi there ---
I am so glad that at least this latest heatwave is over for awhile. :-) (Doing a happy dance) It should be more in the 70s "tomorrow" ! Wheeeeee!!! :-)
Here is an amazing child prodigy!!! Emily Bear -- check out this video! Amazing! :-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ellen went home and we got another heatwave! LOL

Hi there ---

I am glad it was cooler while Ellen was here -- but then when she left we got another heatwave! (sheesh) Today was close to 100 degrees in Portland. Fortunately, it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow! I sure am looking forward to Autumn!
It is so nice having my digital camera working again -- I finally sent away for the charger that I had lost -- but then after I bought a new one =-= I found the old one! :-/ Isn't that always the way!??? lol At least now I can take better pictures of my catlets! Above is a cute one of Blueberry! And here's another one! (grins) She is such a cutie (IMO) :-)

She loves to lie down with her feet in the air! When she does this -- it is really tempting to pat her belly but she objects to having her belly patted. (She is such a tease) :-)

Here is one of Tai Chi .... She is such a sweetheart! She is my older kitty. She is at my feet under the computer as I type this. :-) =^..^=

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My friend from Calif and I have been having fun....

Hi there --
My friend, Ellen and I have been having a nice visit. Since she also does SL I have been letting her spend the time at the computer while we are home. The rest of the time we have been checking out places and seeing friends and family. I drove us both to Mnt Hood yesterday! It was a beautiful day == sunny (yeah == I like sunny when it is not too hot and has some clouds) with blue sky and lots of wonderful clouds. It was great weather for photography! I drove us up to Timberline Lodge (where they filmed some scenes for "The Shining." )(lol)
It is a neat lodge -- with lots of sculptures and iron grille details. The doors are huge! It was built in 1937.
Ellen walked a bit up a path to try to touch some snow (not much snow at Timberline lodge in mid summer) I wanted to walk with her but my legs, body etc can't do that at this time -- hopefully I can get in better shape soon... (next goal after cleaning apt). I waited up at the bar in the lodge and eventually got some chairs by one of the best window views of the mountain. (It was hard -=- whenever anyone would leave- - others would rush right into that spot --)
When Ellen got back, we had dinner at the bar, and watched the fog/low clouds come in and cover up the mountain quickly. The food was delicious and colourful. (Pretty fruit and veggies).
Afterwards we walked around some more and took more pictures cuz the scenes had really changed with the low dark clouds coming in. Ellen hates the rain but I LOVE it -- so I thought the dramatic skies were WONDERFUL!!! It rained quite hard as we were decending the mountain. I guess Ellen was glad she was INSIDE the car. (grins) It was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Hopefully I will get some of the pics we took into this blog when we transfer them to the computer!

PS: The weather has been great temperature-wise during Ellen's visit but on the DAY she is leaving - they are predicting it to be into the mid 90s again!!! :-( AND -- the following week it is going to get up into the HIGH 90s again!!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :-( The hot weather is supposed to be down in Los Angeles, California! I am not a great fan of El Nino weather systems.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Whooo Hoooo -- It is finally cooler!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh -- Finally!!!! The temps are now in the mid 70s!!!! And -- for the first time in AGES - we have had TWO grey days in a row!!!! I still wish we would get some RAIN but these grey days are sure welcome! I am thoroughly enjoying them! Isn't it wonderful??? :-)
I know that the hot days are not over yet -==- but this break is sureeeeee nice! :-)
My apt is finally clean enough to have a long time friend come over and stay for 12 days. My good friend has come up from California for a visit. I picked her up at the airport yesterday. The cats both remember her! They enjoying all the extra attention! I gave her a bit of a piano lesson yesterday! (grins) I don't have a piano here but I DO have one of those synthesizer keyboards. She had never made a chord before (she is not really into music that much == shame == I couldn't survive without music!) I taught her a bit of "Heart and Soul." I think she had fun! :-) My brother and I always dreaded our piano lessons as kids because the teacher was rather ... erm .... B*tchy! (shame) Music should be fun! Just like art!
My friend also uses SecondLife -- and I only have one computer here so we will have to share computer/SL time. I probably will let her have more time on SL than I use because I want to be a good hostess. (smiles)
Anyway -- it is SOOOOOOO nice to NOT be having to run the "portable" AC atm! I sure hope this lasts awhile! (Actually I would love it if we would have a cool rest-of-the-summer -- but I doubt we will be so lucky!)
Still -- the coolness is soooo nice while it is here! :-)