Thursday, August 13, 2009

My friend from Calif and I have been having fun....

Hi there --
My friend, Ellen and I have been having a nice visit. Since she also does SL I have been letting her spend the time at the computer while we are home. The rest of the time we have been checking out places and seeing friends and family. I drove us both to Mnt Hood yesterday! It was a beautiful day == sunny (yeah == I like sunny when it is not too hot and has some clouds) with blue sky and lots of wonderful clouds. It was great weather for photography! I drove us up to Timberline Lodge (where they filmed some scenes for "The Shining." )(lol)
It is a neat lodge -- with lots of sculptures and iron grille details. The doors are huge! It was built in 1937.
Ellen walked a bit up a path to try to touch some snow (not much snow at Timberline lodge in mid summer) I wanted to walk with her but my legs, body etc can't do that at this time -- hopefully I can get in better shape soon... (next goal after cleaning apt). I waited up at the bar in the lodge and eventually got some chairs by one of the best window views of the mountain. (It was hard -=- whenever anyone would leave- - others would rush right into that spot --)
When Ellen got back, we had dinner at the bar, and watched the fog/low clouds come in and cover up the mountain quickly. The food was delicious and colourful. (Pretty fruit and veggies).
Afterwards we walked around some more and took more pictures cuz the scenes had really changed with the low dark clouds coming in. Ellen hates the rain but I LOVE it -- so I thought the dramatic skies were WONDERFUL!!! It rained quite hard as we were decending the mountain. I guess Ellen was glad she was INSIDE the car. (grins) It was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Hopefully I will get some of the pics we took into this blog when we transfer them to the computer!

PS: The weather has been great temperature-wise during Ellen's visit but on the DAY she is leaving - they are predicting it to be into the mid 90s again!!! :-( AND -- the following week it is going to get up into the HIGH 90s again!!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :-( The hot weather is supposed to be down in Los Angeles, California! I am not a great fan of El Nino weather systems.


Princess Ivory said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip - and you describe it so well!!! I felt like I was there with you. :)

AuroraSkye said...

Awww ty so much, Princess! BIG hugsssss!!! I was over at your blog and you have such neat entries there!


Wildstar said...

I look forward to seeing the pics :)

Michelle said...

So glad your trip was dark and gloomy at the end...just of kind of weather you like ;). And before you know it, it will be winter.

Hey! stop into SL once in a while. It has been ages!

FD Spark said...

Just saying hi DagonXanith has busy, busy making videos, fighting Isis loaner Kitten just checking and seeing what your up too.

I am glad your having fun. Btw tons of photos of Isis playing. One of favorite toys is toilet and sink.

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo Hi there FD!!!! So nice to see you and WONDERFUL to hear about Isis having fun! I can't wait to see the pics! I sure LOVE kittens! (grins)

Hugsss to you and to kitty!