Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am trying to turn my sleep schedual around AGAIN...

Hi there~~ I tried to sleep all day and all night yesterday to try to turn my stupid sleep schedual around again. I don't know WHY it keeps ending up that I stay up all night == often til mid morning the next day .... and then sleep til evening only to do it all again. I keep going thru phases where my waking hours are more normal -- but for some reason - the normal hours NEVER stay. :-( Sometimes I try to do a marathon sleep to bring the hours back to normal -- and sometimes I do the opposite and do a marathon "stay-awake-athon." Unfortunately the long sleep bit didn't work this time -- cuz I just couldn't take it any more and got up at 2 AM -- Maybe I can TRY to stay up almost 22 hours or so and go to bed tonight at midnight? I sure wish my wake/sleep rhythms were normal. :-(

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Closing down my Gallery

Hi there~~ I am saddenned at recent losses on SL. The loss of SylvaMoon Ember and of Faeria. Sylva and I shared some personal thoughts with each other and I am shocked at her being gone so suddenly. The loss of Faeria also feels like the loss of a friend (altho of course the loss of a person is far more devastating than the loss of a place). I wanted to go to the last Faeria thingy yesterday, but unfortunately I've turned night into day again and I slept thru it. :-( I hope it went well and hopefully we can all still get together somewhere as friends hanging out -- even though Faeria is gone.

I need to head over there tonight/this morning to empty out my gallery. It will be sad cuz I liked my gallery there. It had a neat peaceful mood. Oh well.....

I haven't been feeling very creative lately, or rather, I have felt creative but I have not been happy with my attempts at creativity. LOL. I have wanted to make some more dresses -- something very different -- but every time I try to do something I am unhappy with the results. Hopefully whatever this block is will leave me soon. :-)

We are having another small heatwave this weekend and early this week. Frankly I thought we were finished with the hot weather but I guess not. I need to do dishes, and laundry, and apt cleaning today. Ahhh what a thrilling life I lead. LOLOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Darn -- I am upset!

I was supposed to have a helper come in two days this week (coming the two days was HER idea) and I planned my whole week around it. But then yesterday (Tuesday - the first day she was supposed to come over) She never came -- and never answered her calls....and never called back from the messages I left. And when I finally DID reach her -- she just said: "Oh I forgot" and didn't bother to even apologize for the inconvenience that her "forgetting" caused me. :-(
Then, last night, she said that she would be here today at 1pm. Well, after 1pm she calls and says "I think I have to cancel working for you cuz I don't have enuf gas to get there!" Well, why didn't she say that LAST night???? TWO days screwed up cuz of this "flake!" I think she actually found some jobs closer by and decided she didn't want to work for me cuz of that but she could have told me last week!!! :-( Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
I must admit this is so frustrating cuz I was really depending upon this person's help this week. :-( Now I have to try to find someone else (and that is hard to do) and the whole thing is just a pain. Oh well -- sorry for K'vetching. :-(

Monday, September 22, 2008


I forget if I posted this video or not but I LOVE it === so it is worth re= posting. :-) The guy who made this video sure did an excellent job with timing and editing!!! VERY talented!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


WOW --- I knew I was dreading my dentist appointment today having to have TWO crowns prepared but little did I know just how AWFUL it would be!!! I have had teeth prepared for crowns before but this time was far worse than ever before. My dentist now uses a less powerful novacaine because my blood pressure keeps registering as too high when I am there! *** What do they expect? I am at the DENTIST- sheesh!!!! LOLOL But unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon how you look at it) they don't want to use the longer lasting novacaine because (as the assistant said) she didn't want to end up having to give me mouth to mouth recessitation (spelling?) to revive me. I said-- "Why not? You said I was cute!" LOLOL
Anyway -- they had to give me more novacaine about three times during the crown preps because it kept wearing off and it was really HURTING!!! OW! At one point one of my side "fang" teeth was throbbing even though all the dental work was being done much further back in my mouth.
The dental work took a LONG time too -- at least 2 and a half hours, I think. I will certainly think twice before I have TWO crown preps done at the same time ever again. It was soooooo awful. My gums were killing me, and my mouth was soooo tired of having to stay open. The teeth that need the crowns are in the worst place for this sort of thing-- UPPER right, ..... WAYYYYYY in the back! -- UGH! I am SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOO glad that that fiasco is OVER! Of course -- I still have to go back to have the finished crowns put on but hopefully it won't be as awful as this crown preparation was.
And of course, after all that, they actually wanted me to PAY for the pain they inflicted! (The NERVE of them!) (LOLOL) I have NO dental insurance so I keep putting it on a credit card but WOW -- today's visit was $2500 even with a pay-it-all-at-once 5% discount! (Eeeeek) (No wonder the assistant told me how much it was going to cost while I was still in the chair so I couldn't fall over onto the floor in shock!) :-/
Funny -- as I re-look at the random pic of a fractal I posted on my blog yesterday (below) - it NOW looks like a tooth with roots intertwined and various crowns, fillings, braces interwoven amongst the white enamel tooth surfaces. I wonder if my subconscious saw that connection and picked that particular fractal because I had teeth and dental appointments on my mind. I may have to re-name that fractal! LOLOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wish I were better at thinking of things to write....

Hi there all --- I keep wanting to write something fantastically creative here -- but when I try to think of anything my mind goes blank. I end up writing about mundane things like how hot it is outside or my mood for the day. How do you other creative bloggers do it?? And so many of you also manage to be hilariously funny too! I am in awe of you all out there. How do you do it?
Maybe I will just try to find some pretty image to put in here. I guess I am more of a visual artist than a writer. I wish I could be both. Oh well.... Even looking through my artwork - it all seems boring. I guess I must be in some sort of a MOOD today......

Friday, September 12, 2008

My brother and mom liked their B-day paintings...

Hi there-=- I am so glad my brother and mom liked their B-day paintings. (And my sis in law liked them too) At first she said they would hang the painting in the bathroom :-( That is not where I would like that hung but it is up to them of course. I hope they hang it in their office or livingroom where they get to see it often, and enjoy it. I re-asked the girl who helped me decide what Hebrew to paint on it -- what Yahweh/Shalom means and she said it could mean: "I am your wholeness" OR "Yahweh is my wholeness and my peace." I like those meanings. :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's my mom's Birthday today ....

...and my brother's birthday in exactly a week. We are all heading over to my mom's tonight to celebrate both thier birthdays. We will probably order pizza. My mom and brother like meat pizzas so I may just decide to get something else on the way over cuz I don't like meat pizzas.

I had NO idea what to get/or make for my mom and brother. They both really have pretty much all they may want or need. I have tried to paint/make things for my brother before but he doesn't seem to appreciate them. They end up in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day (and these are often really well done peices of artwork) :-( I did a very nice drawing of him and Maureen (his wife) for them for Christmas one year -- but Maureen hates any pictures of herself so that one ended up in a drawer... who knows if they even still have it. It hurts that they don't really appreciate my art (unless I make Maureen some earrings) but I am hoping that I have finally come up with something that he may like this year. (I hope so)

I bought some canvases, brushes, etc on the way home yesterday and spent 9 hours last night and 4 more hours today painting a picture for my mom and for my brother for their birthdays. I painted a silly looking fantasy cat in bright colours for my mom, and the Hebrew words for Yawheh (*spelling) and Shalom floating in a stylized sky for my brother. I tried to scan them but they really lost a lot of their colours in the scans. I hope they like their gifts. :-)
I sure am glad that acrylics dry fast. LOL I used a medium in the paintings to give them some textures -- and used a fork to make the wavy sky in my brother's painting -- and the stripes on the cat in my mom's painting. :-) The Hebrew lettering is raised and has some silver edges. Both paintings have quite a bit of texture to them. :-)
Like an idiot -- I carefully painted the raised Hebrew lettering but forgot that Hebrew is read from RIGHT to left -- so I had to melt down all the lettering and do it again the correct way! LOLOL I really do hope that they (especially my brother) actually decide to hang them and enjoy them in their homes.... (instead of hiding them away in a drawer).

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hmmm that was strange ....

I tried to sign into my Blogger account to make a new post and it said something about switching to GOOGLE? Then asked for my sign in ID and password. I put them both in and it said there was NO such account!!!
:-0 I don't know what that was all about but I sure hope it remembers me in the future. Fortunately it let me write a comment so it let me in that way. :-/
Anyway -- I wanted to say that I FINALLY FINISHED my new animated gowns!!! (Whoo hoooo!!!!) It took me ALL night to get their packaging done but they are finally available. I like how they turned out and I hope whomever buys them -- likes them too. :-)
Finally relaxing!
:-) >>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I had a pretty good day today ....

... so I decided to blog about it. I am not exactly sure what MADE today a nice day but I sure am grateful for it. I think part of it is that my legs/knees felt a bit better this morning -so it was easier to walk -- so that helped a great deal.
Then, they played a lot of great songs on the radio as I drove to Oregon city for the Art therapy group I am in. I love music of most styles and from all decades, and it was nice hearing some songs that weren't the usual ones they play all the time.
I got there in plenty of time for the "Art Therapy." Unfortunately, the "therapist" doesn't use Art for therapy very well - which is a shame. Having studied it, I know that it really CAN be a very effective and helpful therapuetic tool if used correctly, but this lady is mainly using it more like an art class, in my opinion. It really is a shame but there is nothing I can do about it. I tried talking to her about it but she refuses to change in any way so I am just trying to have my art express things and give me insights to the best of my ability. (It would be so much easier if the therapist were on the "same page" but == oh well).
After "group" I went to Subway to try one of their "Philly steak sandwiches" for lunch. I enjoyed my lunch/dinner while reading a Dean Kootz book and it was very pleasant. When I got home I had two nectarines (to try to get some fruit/veggie servings for the day in) (I love nectarines).
It was a sunny day today (not my usual kind of day) but it wasn't too hot or too cold -- so that was nice. And when I came home -=- I was not in too much pain in terms of my legs/knees to be able to actually get on the computer for a change (lately I have been in too much pain and too tired to get on the computer at all) so that, too, was/is a nice change.
All in all, it was a very pleasant day and I am very grateful for it -- I hope you all have had and will have many lovely days as well! Hugsss!