Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am trying to turn my sleep schedual around AGAIN...

Hi there~~ I tried to sleep all day and all night yesterday to try to turn my stupid sleep schedual around again. I don't know WHY it keeps ending up that I stay up all night == often til mid morning the next day .... and then sleep til evening only to do it all again. I keep going thru phases where my waking hours are more normal -- but for some reason - the normal hours NEVER stay. :-( Sometimes I try to do a marathon sleep to bring the hours back to normal -- and sometimes I do the opposite and do a marathon "stay-awake-athon." Unfortunately the long sleep bit didn't work this time -- cuz I just couldn't take it any more and got up at 2 AM -- Maybe I can TRY to stay up almost 22 hours or so and go to bed tonight at midnight? I sure wish my wake/sleep rhythms were normal. :-(


Wildstar said...

there is no such a thing as a "normal" cycle. Each of us is different and left alone and away from the sun can settle in a personal cycle

This book is pretty good if you like the subject


FD Spark said...

I hope you're not doing it for me because my sleep cycles have been bizarre for years and just recently been on day-ish schedule but it is seasonal thing.
My sleep clock is changing its start to want to go back to day time sleep schedule so if you wait long enough I be back on night schedule again.
I have been staying up later til 2 to 4 am but I am just as tired as when I wake up and all day it seems regardless but I force myself up all day til 3 am til I wake up.
Hard part is sometimes I really want to be able to do those 48 sleep-a-thons like I use too I can't.
Ussually Summers I am on night schedule but this year it was different maybe this year everything will be backwards.
I have given up the idea of normal sleep/wake cycle for long time it does what it wants to do.

AuroraSkye said...

That looks like a neat book, Wild -- ty for the link.

And yeah, FD, part of it is cuz I want to get on a more matching schedule to you but I am also wanting to be on a more "normal" schedule so I can do some things in the daytime. But I can sure relate that my sleep cycles seem to have a mind of their own.

Hugsss to you both!!

FD Spark said...

It is 7;21 am I have been up all night creating stuff.
I back on graveyard but sometimes even when I am on, I am not always in chatty mood especially when I am tired, cranky,etc.
Yet at least I don't get bitchy outwardly very often but I still don't like how it feels to inward if you know what I mean:)

AuroraSkye said...

Yeah, I sure know what you mean, FD. Still -- I am soooooo glad to hear that you have been creating again!!! Whooo hooooo! And I am glad that you are able to take care of yourself in that if you are not in the mood to talk -=- I am glad you take steps to not have to talk.