Friday, September 12, 2008

My brother and mom liked their B-day paintings...

Hi there-=- I am so glad my brother and mom liked their B-day paintings. (And my sis in law liked them too) At first she said they would hang the painting in the bathroom :-( That is not where I would like that hung but it is up to them of course. I hope they hang it in their office or livingroom where they get to see it often, and enjoy it. I re-asked the girl who helped me decide what Hebrew to paint on it -- what Yahweh/Shalom means and she said it could mean: "I am your wholeness" OR "Yahweh is my wholeness and my peace." I like those meanings. :-)


Wildstar said...

I am glad they liked them !
How could one not like your beautiful work ?



FD Spark said...

I do big ugly family scenes, no drama and unhappy, stressed out Auroraskye.
Big hugs luv ya.

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL Thanks Wild and FD. You are right -- VERY nice to not have any big ugly family scenes or stressed out AuroraSkye! lolol And ty for your sweet compliment, Wild. :-D