Sunday, September 28, 2008

Closing down my Gallery

Hi there~~ I am saddenned at recent losses on SL. The loss of SylvaMoon Ember and of Faeria. Sylva and I shared some personal thoughts with each other and I am shocked at her being gone so suddenly. The loss of Faeria also feels like the loss of a friend (altho of course the loss of a person is far more devastating than the loss of a place). I wanted to go to the last Faeria thingy yesterday, but unfortunately I've turned night into day again and I slept thru it. :-( I hope it went well and hopefully we can all still get together somewhere as friends hanging out -- even though Faeria is gone.

I need to head over there tonight/this morning to empty out my gallery. It will be sad cuz I liked my gallery there. It had a neat peaceful mood. Oh well.....

I haven't been feeling very creative lately, or rather, I have felt creative but I have not been happy with my attempts at creativity. LOL. I have wanted to make some more dresses -- something very different -- but every time I try to do something I am unhappy with the results. Hopefully whatever this block is will leave me soon. :-)

We are having another small heatwave this weekend and early this week. Frankly I thought we were finished with the hot weather but I guess not. I need to do dishes, and laundry, and apt cleaning today. Ahhh what a thrilling life I lead. LOLOL


Wildstar said...


there is shop space still available in the Winterfell village. The traffic is good and the rent is quite affordable (I think 300L/week per 100 prims). IM Serra Anansi if you are interested. And of course Danielle can show you shops in Aurora Town. Just to mention the places I dwell in. Your creations deserve to be on display.

AuroraSkye said...

Oh how sweet of you !!!! TY so much for the suggestions, Wildstar! I will check into those. :-)

Aurora in Aurora Town would be fitting huh? LOLOL


Mykyl said...

We will still meet for PHC - and remember - Faeria is not a place, but an idea.