Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's my mom's Birthday today ....

...and my brother's birthday in exactly a week. We are all heading over to my mom's tonight to celebrate both thier birthdays. We will probably order pizza. My mom and brother like meat pizzas so I may just decide to get something else on the way over cuz I don't like meat pizzas.

I had NO idea what to get/or make for my mom and brother. They both really have pretty much all they may want or need. I have tried to paint/make things for my brother before but he doesn't seem to appreciate them. They end up in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day (and these are often really well done peices of artwork) :-( I did a very nice drawing of him and Maureen (his wife) for them for Christmas one year -- but Maureen hates any pictures of herself so that one ended up in a drawer... who knows if they even still have it. It hurts that they don't really appreciate my art (unless I make Maureen some earrings) but I am hoping that I have finally come up with something that he may like this year. (I hope so)

I bought some canvases, brushes, etc on the way home yesterday and spent 9 hours last night and 4 more hours today painting a picture for my mom and for my brother for their birthdays. I painted a silly looking fantasy cat in bright colours for my mom, and the Hebrew words for Yawheh (*spelling) and Shalom floating in a stylized sky for my brother. I tried to scan them but they really lost a lot of their colours in the scans. I hope they like their gifts. :-)
I sure am glad that acrylics dry fast. LOL I used a medium in the paintings to give them some textures -- and used a fork to make the wavy sky in my brother's painting -- and the stripes on the cat in my mom's painting. :-) The Hebrew lettering is raised and has some silver edges. Both paintings have quite a bit of texture to them. :-)
Like an idiot -- I carefully painted the raised Hebrew lettering but forgot that Hebrew is read from RIGHT to left -- so I had to melt down all the lettering and do it again the correct way! LOLOL I really do hope that they (especially my brother) actually decide to hang them and enjoy them in their homes.... (instead of hiding them away in a drawer).


FD Spark said...

They are lovely creations to me.
But I understand sometimes it just seems like people I wish would appreciate something about me or what I can do would but often it just ends up feeling like its not enough. That was often the case with my Family too finally I think I finally got to point I decided to quit trying to do anything to please them and I quit giving them anything, even my time because it just got too much. I am not suggesting you do this but perhaps it would be interesting experiment to see what happens.
Sad thing outcome you may not like if you're Family is anything like mine.
The good thing is they have less power in my life, I don't have to do stressful family get to together's any more either.

Wildstar said...

those paintings look just great !

maybe you shuld publish the image your sister-in-law on the internet, so she will see herself everywhere (provided she used a PC)

(I am bad, am I not *** grrin *** )



Mykyl said...

Those are great! I like Wildstar's idea too :))) *grins evilly*

AuroraSkye said...

Oh you both are sooooo "naughty", Wild and Mykyl! LOLOLOL

And thanks for your comments, FD. You are so right about how I shouldn't necc keep trying to please my family 'cept I guess I am still wanting to please them at this point. :-) At least in some areas I don't care but I guess art-wise I still care.