Wednesday, September 17, 2008


WOW --- I knew I was dreading my dentist appointment today having to have TWO crowns prepared but little did I know just how AWFUL it would be!!! I have had teeth prepared for crowns before but this time was far worse than ever before. My dentist now uses a less powerful novacaine because my blood pressure keeps registering as too high when I am there! *** What do they expect? I am at the DENTIST- sheesh!!!! LOLOL But unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon how you look at it) they don't want to use the longer lasting novacaine because (as the assistant said) she didn't want to end up having to give me mouth to mouth recessitation (spelling?) to revive me. I said-- "Why not? You said I was cute!" LOLOL
Anyway -- they had to give me more novacaine about three times during the crown preps because it kept wearing off and it was really HURTING!!! OW! At one point one of my side "fang" teeth was throbbing even though all the dental work was being done much further back in my mouth.
The dental work took a LONG time too -- at least 2 and a half hours, I think. I will certainly think twice before I have TWO crown preps done at the same time ever again. It was soooooo awful. My gums were killing me, and my mouth was soooo tired of having to stay open. The teeth that need the crowns are in the worst place for this sort of thing-- UPPER right, ..... WAYYYYYY in the back! -- UGH! I am SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOO glad that that fiasco is OVER! Of course -- I still have to go back to have the finished crowns put on but hopefully it won't be as awful as this crown preparation was.
And of course, after all that, they actually wanted me to PAY for the pain they inflicted! (The NERVE of them!) (LOLOL) I have NO dental insurance so I keep putting it on a credit card but WOW -- today's visit was $2500 even with a pay-it-all-at-once 5% discount! (Eeeeek) (No wonder the assistant told me how much it was going to cost while I was still in the chair so I couldn't fall over onto the floor in shock!) :-/
Funny -- as I re-look at the random pic of a fractal I posted on my blog yesterday (below) - it NOW looks like a tooth with roots intertwined and various crowns, fillings, braces interwoven amongst the white enamel tooth surfaces. I wonder if my subconscious saw that connection and picked that particular fractal because I had teeth and dental appointments on my mind. I may have to re-name that fractal! LOLOL


Wildstar said...

I must go Saturday morning
Thank you for the encouraging post ! :)

Mykyl said...

At least you can tell the story with a smile :)

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL You have a dentist appointment on Sat morning, Wild? Sorry about that -- GL with that -- Hopefully it is just a cleaning or it is something nice and easy and pain free! :-)

Good one, Mykyl!!! Yeah at least I have some teeth to smile with! LOLOL