Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st 2009

Hi there all --
Today would have been my Dad's 80th Birthday if he had not died in a car accident at age 53! I wonder what he would've been like all these years later. I still have dreams where he is still alive but in those dreams he is never any older than 53 yrs old. We used to celebrate his birthday and New Year's Eve together by having a party every year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD (wherever you are) ... and HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2010 everyone!
It is raining today and I LOVE it! Of course, I would PREFER SNOWWWWWWW but rain is nice too! (grins) It is so weird how most of the world is already in 2010 ...while us slowpokes in the US are still a year behind (LOL). I wanted to make a New Years party dress for SL in time for New Year's Eve but I guess I didn't get it done in time (darn it) I may still make a pretty gown anyway -- I've been wanting to do something NEW ...but I have been blanking on ideas lately....
Well, my catlets and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year's Eve and New YEAR!!! I hope we all can head more towards loving each other and being more mindful of our planet and the animals we share it with this coming year.... ओं

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This season is going by WAYYYYY tooooo quickly!!!

I had a "Holiday" party at my apt tonight (well ok-- officially it was last night since it is now 1:40 am) I am not sure I have EVER had a party in this apt. (and I moved here in 1992) I cleaned and cleaned and put Christmas lights up, and a purple tablecloth on the coffee table with cinnamon (spelling?) smelling pinecones as the centerpiece and a dark green runner (I LOVE purple and green combinations), It wasn't a huge party - just 5 of us and 2 more dropped in briefly - but this is a small apt so it would have been too crowded with more people. We talked and listened to beautiful music and each of us had a RUNEs reading. That was fun. I think it turned out well. I think people enjoyed themselves (I hope so). That was my Christmas. On Christmas day I will be here at home with two cats. Maybe I will hang out on SL. :-)
I've been trying to reach my mom on the phone for the past week but all it does is a partial ring and then hangs up on me. :-( I don't think she is hearing it ring at all! I sent her an email saying that I was trying to reach her but she hasn't even responded to that. I know she is ok because my brother and sis in law *(who live closer to her) say that she is fine-- but I must admit I WISH that she would get a regular LANDLINE phone (instead of the stupid SKYPE? Internet phone she has. I KNOW she can afford whatever a regular phone costs per month and at least I would be able to reach her!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
It is soo frustrating! ....Oh well... :-( The place is so quiet now that everyone has gone. It is a bit lonely ... but, hopefully I will feel more like myself tomorrow. I really DO wish that we would get A LOT of snow! So far-- we are hardly getting any RAIN! It was mainly sunny today, and nothing is happening weather-wise tonight, I wish it would at least POUR down with RAIN! Somehow having it be soooo still outside seems to be adding to my loneliness. I am not sure why. Very strange.
Well I guess I have pretty much just been rambling on ... not saying much of anything important... Maybe I should try to make some fractals? Maybe I should just try to go to bed? Hugs to any and all who stop by! :-)