Sunday, December 20, 2009

This season is going by WAYYYYY tooooo quickly!!!

I had a "Holiday" party at my apt tonight (well ok-- officially it was last night since it is now 1:40 am) I am not sure I have EVER had a party in this apt. (and I moved here in 1992) I cleaned and cleaned and put Christmas lights up, and a purple tablecloth on the coffee table with cinnamon (spelling?) smelling pinecones as the centerpiece and a dark green runner (I LOVE purple and green combinations), It wasn't a huge party - just 5 of us and 2 more dropped in briefly - but this is a small apt so it would have been too crowded with more people. We talked and listened to beautiful music and each of us had a RUNEs reading. That was fun. I think it turned out well. I think people enjoyed themselves (I hope so). That was my Christmas. On Christmas day I will be here at home with two cats. Maybe I will hang out on SL. :-)
I've been trying to reach my mom on the phone for the past week but all it does is a partial ring and then hangs up on me. :-( I don't think she is hearing it ring at all! I sent her an email saying that I was trying to reach her but she hasn't even responded to that. I know she is ok because my brother and sis in law *(who live closer to her) say that she is fine-- but I must admit I WISH that she would get a regular LANDLINE phone (instead of the stupid SKYPE? Internet phone she has. I KNOW she can afford whatever a regular phone costs per month and at least I would be able to reach her!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
It is soo frustrating! ....Oh well... :-( The place is so quiet now that everyone has gone. It is a bit lonely ... but, hopefully I will feel more like myself tomorrow. I really DO wish that we would get A LOT of snow! So far-- we are hardly getting any RAIN! It was mainly sunny today, and nothing is happening weather-wise tonight, I wish it would at least POUR down with RAIN! Somehow having it be soooo still outside seems to be adding to my loneliness. I am not sure why. Very strange.
Well I guess I have pretty much just been rambling on ... not saying much of anything important... Maybe I should try to make some fractals? Maybe I should just try to go to bed? Hugs to any and all who stop by! :-)


Princess Ivory said...

Sounds like you had a nice party! And you were busy online last night leaving blog comments! I'm sorry you can't reach your mom, that must be frustrating. Why don't you write her a letter and MAIL it the old-fashioned way? Decorate the borders with pretty drawings and such? I'll bet she'd like receiving that from you :)

We are off today to see my mother and celebrate an early Christmas with her before she heads off to Florida.

Happy Holidays!

Wildstar said...

Happy Holidays Aurora ! :)