Friday, September 5, 2008

Hmmm that was strange ....

I tried to sign into my Blogger account to make a new post and it said something about switching to GOOGLE? Then asked for my sign in ID and password. I put them both in and it said there was NO such account!!!
:-0 I don't know what that was all about but I sure hope it remembers me in the future. Fortunately it let me write a comment so it let me in that way. :-/
Anyway -- I wanted to say that I FINALLY FINISHED my new animated gowns!!! (Whoo hoooo!!!!) It took me ALL night to get their packaging done but they are finally available. I like how they turned out and I hope whomever buys them -- likes them too. :-)
Finally relaxing!
:-) >>>>>>>>>>


FD Spark said...

You've got lot of fans who love your clothes you just got to let them know, your customers you made something new.
They are beautiful, you did great work.
Wish my designs were coming out better though I keep running into same problems over and over again and I have no clue how to resolve them:(

AuroraSkye said...

TY for your sweet comments, FD. I would love to help with your designs in any way I can -- altho I really think your designs are GOOD!!!!! But anything I can do to help I would be happy too (and I am actually up at a normal hour for today -- Amazing- huh? LOL)

I also have some more ideas about how you can get some more customers! Hopefully I will see you today and we can yak! :-)


FD Spark said...

I have been hanging out in bed watching horror movies all day with Lando I may not login until tomorrow i.e Monday sometime.
What I need is to learn few techniques or improve what I am doing i.e about masking, blending, layer management.
But the biggest thing I am dealing with is when I draw straps or lines on shoulders, chest or in underwear layer I keep producing the same problems 98% of time which is really is getting annoying.
Business thing I can advise you ideas more then with myself I tend to get overwhelmed.
I do really miss us making things and spending time together but I have been pretty tired and grumpy so its probably good thing you've been distracted with your own life right now.
I think I am just haven't been feeling so its been effecting everything recently.
Either hugs, love ya, hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the water gown :) I will have to try the others too :))

FD Spark said...

By the way Auroraskye for last few days it keeps saying I am not logged in here when I am.
Think the blogger thing is just acting strange.