Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow -- there sure are some meanies out there!

I played some spades online with a friend of mine tonight -- and the games are rated so if you lose you can lose up to 15 points or more per game. Well, this awful B*tchy lady came into the game and started putting down her partner if he made any moves she decided she didn't like. THEN she accused my friend and I of cheating cuz we took longer than she wanted us to -- to decide how many tricks we could take, or to choose which cards to play (excuse me lady, I may not be the best spades player around but I am fairly good at it -- and I DON'T cheat -- grrrrrr) Every time I saw her typing I wondered what venomous thing would come out of her mouth this time! She (and her partner) won the game so she didn't lose her precious points. Sheesh!
Then, my friend had to go to bed so I decided to play one more game with someone I didn't know. The game seemed to be going well but then my partner "nilled" (which means she can't take ANY tricks, and I have to protect her from the other people trying to put low cards down to make her take a trick) Well, I royally goofed it this time -- I protected her well until a ten of hearts was played, I put down a low diamond cuz I wanted to get rid of the card that I couldn't protect her with .... well I should have put down a spade (the trump cards) because it turned out that she had the ACE of hearts. :-( Needless to say, she took the trick and it ruined the nil (penalizing us both by 100 points) I apologized for my mistake but she still "yelled" at me in chat, saying "you don't count cards do you?" (which is true - I have trouble counting cards) and she quit the game, leaving me to finish the game partnered with a Bot (notoriously not good against humans) I am SORRY I made that mistake and yeah it was a dumb one but sheesh!!!! I have had people make dumb mistakes that have goofed up my nils too .... I just think it is such a shame that people are sooooo B*TCHY now. It IS only a game -=- rating points or not. :-(
Oh well -- that was very upsetting. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed at my stupidity - but again== we, as humans, DO make mistakes sometimes. I think it is such a shame that as fellow human beings, we can't be a little more forgiving and understanding towards eachother. :-(


Wildstar said...

One could wonder what king if "fun" can have people like those.
I have seen people playing cards and yelling at each other, but that was part of the play, they were acting the "aggressive player" and it always ended with a laugh. From your tale those people looked realyy mean though.

Next time come in world and play greedy greedy with us ! :D

FD Spark said...

Some people are bullies, which I never dealt well with but there are times when I am playing certain games in past I have been known to get impatient and bitchy too but hopefully I have never been that bad.
I had friend who said she often dealt with those people with humor, humorously poking fun of them back at them but its bit hard to do that online.
I have known at times to get bitchy back at people like I would have probably said something like,
"Gez, Did you lose money or did you just forget to bathe because the room smelling pretty stinky?"
But often like childhood game I use to play with my younger brothers one insult begets another insult, usually the loser is one who gets most insulted, upset and storms out of the room first.
I would always lose the game.
There some people who hang out in those online rooms and chat places just to do that type of behavior to bully, to insult and stay there until they won the insult game as many times as possible.

AuroraSkye said...

Yeah, I was wondering if the girl was doing it on purpose to freak us all out and get us to make mistakes. I know that it caused my friend to make a mistake and I know that after the second girl yelled at me and left -- I felt sooo awful and distracted -- I couldn't think clearly at all. I just wanted the game to end. I played it out til the end -- but BOY was I glad when it was over.

I guess I will TRY to count cards in the future but frankly I HATE counting --= and I may just go back to NOT counting cards cuz it is more fun that way. (I don't like it when "games" get "too serious." ...They aren't like games any more then).