Sunday, October 19, 2008

I was going thru some pictures of Aurora's.....

And I found some neat ones that I figured I might as well put up on this blog. :-) This one is of a funny cat sculpture I made with a fractal image texture over it. It has such a silly face I think it is cute. I also like the dress I am wearing and I hope I can find it again. It was a fun Christmas dress to wear. I wonder what I named it and if I can ever find it in my messy inventory! lol
This one below is of Phoenix and I. I wish I could say that I made the dress I am wearing in this pic but I didn't make it. It sure is a NEAT dress though, wow! Phoenix made the Chinese dress that she is wearing. :-) I love her kitten! (grins)
WOw it is sure hard to put pictures and text where I want them in this blog -- grrrrrr! Below is a cute pic from that neat SIM -- Greenies! I love the HUGE cat and the fact that it was raining in the Kitchen. And I love that Sim cuz they sure did a great job of making things so large that we feel tiny! :-)


Wildstar said...

that is a very beautiful image, Aurora !

AuroraSkye said...

WOW you are fast, Wildstar! I was still putting up pics in this blog -- (I publish periodically while I write my blogs to see how they are looking LOLOL) It was such a surprise to see that I had a comment already! (giggles)

And ty for the compliment on the pic! LOL


FD Spark said...

I think you need to use the html but not sure exactly how to do it with the images either here.
You did pretty well considering not
knowing how.
Hugs, talk to you later.