Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Grrrrrr Grrrrrrr Grrrrrrr!!!!
According to the guy who assigns helpers to me -- the helper may have quit and decided to avoid me because I "contacted him too much!" I must admit -- THAT is sure a surprise because HE was the one who wanted to exchange email addies and I only wrote back to him IF he wrote to me first -- and usually just to say "Ok" to the time he said he was coming over. VERY strange!
I never initiated contact with him either by phone OR by email. In fact, when we both cancelled him coming over on Wednesday -- he told ME to write or call him with a new day for him to come work ....but I didn't get around to it -- before he contacted ME! So as I say -- it is patently ridiculous that I "contacted him too much!"
I am now thinking that he may be one of those people who fabricate stories/habitually lie -- because he sure had some stories that he told me that may very well have been lies/exagerations.
I guess I will not see the Beatles book I loaned him- ever again. And so much for him paying me back for the glitter pens he asked me to buy for him. I still don't understand the whole thing. It doesn't make sense. :-/


Wildstar said...

It is better to loan money than books !

Anonymous said...

Many things can be forgiven - but not returning a book is a cardinal sin!

AuroraSkye said...

Yeah, it was a book I got from my mom too. Double whammy!

I must admit I am still so confused about this whole thing. He seemed soo nice. I guess I am MS GULLIBLE. :-(

FD Spark said...

Hugs I am so sorry yeah I have made mistakes of loaning books out never to see them again.