Thursday, October 16, 2008

My legs are hurting SOOOO MUCH! :-(

I went to an art therapy group today in TAW (the actual world -- got from Mykyl's blog) (grins). It was SOOOOOO HARD to go down the stairs from my apt. I held onto the railing very tightly but my legs/knees are hurting and clicking SOOO much that even leaning against the railing is not making it much easier to walk down the stairs.
I am soooo scared about all of this. In such a short time I have gone from being able to walk fine without any pain -- to hardly being able to walk AT ALL --- even with the help of a cane! I have continued to lose weight since the problems started happening with my legs/knees but the weight loss has not helped. How much longer will I be able to live in my upstairs apt? How much longer will I be able to drive or walk at all? My legs/knees have gone downhill so FAST!!!! It hurts just to stand .....and it hurts (and takes a long time) to walk from room to room (in my SMALL apt). What am I going to do?
It is very frightening. :-(


Anonymous said...

Go see the doctor NOW!

Malicious Intent said...

Yeah go back to the doctors. I had problems until I had surgery in June. After four years of begging and being told my knees where my fibro, I got an MRI on the left and they discovered a seriously torn maniscus (Not sure I spelled that right) which of course required surgery. I couldn't get up and down off of my toilet, steps were horrid, even driving hurt. And it went from being bad for a long time to unbearable like you said over night. I feel for ya, but you don't take no for an answer and get the tests you need to find the answers you deserve.
P.S. Cortisone shots in the knees bought me some time while waiting for surgery. They didn't hurt that much at all, kinda a weird pressure feeling to get, but that it. Compared to the pain I had, it was a relief!

Malicious Intent said...

Oh I forgot, my husband got diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and has one of those breathing machine doohickies. It's working and he is getting more use to it each week.

AuroraSkye said...

Thanks Mykyl and MI -- I keep going to the Dr but he is saying it is arthritis and to lose weight (of course) but reading what you wrote makes me think maybe I'd better go back. I am SOOOOO glad they got your knees better AND I am so glad that the Sleep Apnea machine is working for your husband!

I am also SOOOO glad to see that you still come over and read my boring blog some times LOLOL -- it is nice to see you and I sure hope things are going better for you and your family than they have been. You have had to go thru so much -- sure shows how unfair life can be.

You both are very strong women and I am honored to "know" you both (thru blogs etc)