Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Special about Fractals on "NOVA" tonight

Hi there all - my sis in law told me that there is going to be a special on Fractals on "NOVA" tonight at 8 pm on our public broadcasting station! I must admit -- I can't wait. I usually love "NOVA" and it should be interesting seeing a special on Fractals! Actually I prob should try to tape it but I am too lazy to try to find the remote. lol

Above is a fractal based on the BROT ... I intended to put in a diff one but goofed on the title ... Maybe I will put in the other one as well......
Here is the one I originally intended to upload. Both are based on the fractal form "Brot" which I am sure they will talk about in the "NOVA" special. :-)

I hope it is playing in other areas too so maybe some of you out there can see the special too. If it is on at 8pm for everyone then I guess it is already playing back east.



Wildstar said...

very cool images !

AuroraSkye said...

TY Wildstar - it was a neat special too -- It may be playing in your area soon too if you wish to see it. Parts of it went way over my head but it sure had a lot of fascinating information. :-)

Fractals --the new geometry! :-)