Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lost the care-giver :-(

I am sooooo upset :-( The worker was supposed to come today at 2pm and I waited and waited (and fell asleep as I often do) He never called, and never came and I had anxiety dreams of cleaning all day ('til 9:30 pm tonight -- missing all day) :-(
I finally got up and called him -- got his answering machine. Then turned on the computer and got an email from him saying:

"I have had a medical emergency and just got home to rest. I am sorry to say that I will no longer be able to work for you any longer due to medical reasons...."
I am sooooooo upset about this!!!!!!! I had those concerns about his diabetes and how he was handling it but I felt those could be easily worked out. I have seen the list and there aren't many male workers and I really thought he would work out great! I had my hopes up so high (always a dangerous thing for me) and now they have crashed down soooo hard again.
I am SOOOOOOOOOOO upset!!!! :-( :-( :-( I have no help again and I feel so alone.


Wildstar said...

I am so sorry, Aurora. But given the potential problems it is perhaps better that the situation has clarified itself right away rather when you has started to seriosly rely on him

FD Spark said...

I am sorry too, I understand I have been through similar things with numerous care-givers.
Some of concerns you had with this one reminded me of one was actually friend she was and is very nice person, I enjoyed having her around but she was alcoholic and there was similar problems, one
was drug dealer and there was few others like that but they were nice people but they had major issues with boundaries or personality issues that didn't work for me.
It is really hard to get approved
when you're in boat we are in to get the services it took me several years, I was even verge of homelessness due to the condition of my apartment at one point because I was so tired and had no energy. Finally after I got approved I went through numerous caregivers before I found the one I have, each year when he goes on vacation the problems I have with short term replacement is nightmare.
This happens even to people who are paralyzed and can not dress or use the bathrooms themselves.
It is incredibly frightening place
to be ill and need help but to be stuck in very dysfunctional system where the workers you have choose from have various issues.
You didn't do anything wrong but it sounds like the guy may have been out of work and had thought he was able to return to work and may have changed his mind.
It had nothing to do with you.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It has to do with agency and system that hires the people that
they send to you.