Sunday, October 5, 2008

DARN my sleep patterns!

My stupid sleep patterns are now completely on other side of the world !!!! .... I am getting to sleep around 1:30 PM and getting up around 8:30 or so PM ... which is OPPOSITE of what I WANT to do -- It is hard to switch this cuz I am not allowed to take sleeping pills -- grrrrr.
So as it stands, the new helper will come tomorrow RIGHT when I am getting sleepy (at the end of my day) -- 1 AM for me in terms of my sleep schedule - even tho it is 1 PM local time.
This is not good. :-( I can't even FIND any sleeping pills I may have had around the apt (I am tempted to take them to go to sleep "early" tonight even tho I am not supposed to take them)
I want to be awake to clean tomorrow. I guess I will try to take those anti-allergy decongestants that make me sleepy (even tho I don't need them, and even tho they give me head-aches) :-(

1 comment:

FD Spark said...

I definitely relate to having sleep clock that doesn't fit for time zone.
I am pretty tired haven't been online the last few days not sure though if I will be back on the 11 pm to early morning waking schedule though this time.
Hope you were able to get up do what you needed to do.