Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My mood has been better lately

Hi there all -- My mood has been better lately and I am sure grateful about that. I am not sure of WHY my mood has been better lately. It could be cuz this is my absolute FAVOURITE time of year!!!! I LOVE the Fall/Autumn. I love the breezes on the sunny days and the showers on the rainy days. I love the bright colours of the leaves. I love the whole MOOD of this time of year. Sort of an anticipatory mood-- or at least it feels that way to me. I love Autumn MORE than Winter and Spring and MUCH more than Summer *which I often find to be too hot and depressing. (Oppressive).
My legs have been hurting a bit less lately (this week) too. They still are hurting and it still is hard to stand and to walk -- but at least they are not QUITE as painful as they HAVE been!!! I don't know if the improvement will last or if my legs will go downhill again but I sure am grateful for them feeling a bit better this week! :-) It is wonderful!!!
Anyway -- I wanted to share these things that I am grateful for because often we forget to write about things that we are happy about. I must admit -- I wish that this week before Halloween could last for 3 months!!!!! October has passed WAYYYYYY too quickly. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then looping around towards Summer (*UGH) again. I really wish this time of year would last "forever"! :-)
I had a dream of George Harrison this afternoon (my sleep has turned to days again --oh well). The mood of the dream was really nice even though I knew he was going to die soon (he died on November 29th 2001). He was performing with Eric Clapton in a concert and a lady usher moved my friend and I to the first row to see him (after two mean women audience members had threatened my friend and I at our previous seats). As usual, the MOOD of the dream is impossible to share with words but there was such a feeling of love in this dream -- even tho it was mixed with sadness at the knowledge that George was going to die from cancer in a few days. I guess my subconscious is still trying to come to terms with George Harrison being gone from this world. Even tho I never knew him, personally, he has been a very important and influencing figure in my life. I still MISS him sooo much even though it has now been 7 years since he died. (At the too young age of only 58 years old)
Anyway -- even with some anniversaries of deaths coming up ... I am still in a pretty good mood tonight and that is very nice! :-)

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Wildstar said...

it is nice to read that you are in a good mood ! :)
I should find a stormy sim where to take you sailing ! :))