Thursday, May 7, 2009

Been a long time since I have last blogged...

Hi there --- Sorry it has been so long since my last blog. I have been pretty busy in RL -- so much so that I have not even gotten onto SL much lately.
*(Hmmmmmm I wonder if I can still change colours in Blog titles -- it is now giving me an error in the HTML message which is strange cuz I didn't even WRITE the HTML -- I let this site write it ...Darn -- looks like I can no longer change the colours of the titles to these :-( SHAME) :-(.) Darn -- Oh well ....
I had to rush off before I could finish this blog -- not that it is a very creative one anyway .... I've been doing a lot of apt cleaning lately -- I finally have someone who can help !!! (Woooo Hoooooo!!!) Together we are getting quite a lot done and it feels great!
Of course, I will feel even better when I get rid of many many many more possessions. I have given a lot away to Goodwill etc so far =--but I have far more I want to give away. I know that I will feel a lot freer when I have many less material items cluttering up my life. I have a lot of interests and a very small apt -- NOT a good combination. LOL
At any rate-- I am SOOOOOO grateful to FINALLY have some help to get the things done that I have wanted to do for a long time. :-)


Princess Ivory said...

Glad to hear you are doing well, and that you finally have a good helper! I too am trying hard to declutter. I just got rid of 4 bags of clothing, but it doesn't seem to have even made a dent. Sigh. Must keep working at it!

Malicious Intent said...

Hey, have not stopped by in a while and thought I would and it appears timing was good.

I sooooo need to do what you are doing. The kids bring home clutter by the buckets. I am hoping after the golf outing end of this month and the week after I have off to purge out some stuff. Mostly clothes, paperwork, stuff like that. Yeah, doing that to your environment does make you feel so much better.

Hope all else is well for you.

Mykyl said...

In the last few moths I have gotten rid of close to ninety percent of everything I owned - some to Salvation Army - some to friends - most to the dumpster - and it feels GREAT! It has been an agonizing struggle - and I still have more to go - but why keep all of this crap?

You go girl! It's an amazingly freeing feeling when you get there.

AuroraSkye said...

Princess == I sure know what you mean about it hardly making a dent -- I got rid of three bags of clothing but I still have 5 bags of clothes, sheets, etc to go thru (UGH) Still -- I am so glad to be finally heading in the right direction! (Smiles)

Malicious == Hi there-- I am so glad you stopped by == I stop by your blog periodically too altho I can't always think of a comment to leave. Yeah == My apt would be in even worse shape if I had kids -- I try to blame a lot of the mess on my cats but for some reason they don't let me get away with that! lol

Mykyl == WOW== that is a lot of de-cluttering you have done!!! Good for you! I hate to throw out perfectly good things so I am glad that so far - most of my things have been able to go to food banks and goodwill etc. Still, I have such a lonnnnnnnggggg way to go!!!

Michelle said...

Welcome back! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


AuroraSkye said...

Awwwww TY so much, Michelle!!!! You made my night!!! Hugs from me and from my kitties as well!!!