Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Root canal over -- yeah!

Well at least the root canal is over -- and I am so glad about that (unless I need another one). I am so glad that is over ('cept for the crown that has to go on this particular one, afterwards). Unfortunately, for some reason, my left leg is really hurting like crazy every time I try to lift of move it even an inch. (Makes it hard to go up even a little step, and hard to walk) What is with my stupid body falling apart? Anyway -- sorry to complain. I think I will go to bed. :-(


Malicious Intent said...

Ouch! Root canals suck!
My husband has to go in for two nights of sleep study. He may have sleep apenia (spell that right?)

So I am kinda worried. He has been snoring a lot lately and keeping me up.

Wish us luck!

AuroraSkye said...

Oh I will DEFINATELY wish you both luck! Sleep apnea is no fun -- I hope he doesn't have it but if he does == it is good that you are discovering it!

Hugs to your whole family!!! :-)