Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have a cold again -- sheesh LOL

I got another cold -- second one this summer -- Grrrrrrr! I really hate summer colds (not that I LOVE winter colds either) lol We're in another heatwave here. Got to HIGH 90s today and will be hot, smoggy, and humid tomorrow as well. When the weather is like this it makes me wonder what people see in Summer...... I am SOOOOOO glad I have that "portable" air conditioner and I sure hope that it lasts!
We did a fashion show in Faeria last Sunday. I was having such a hard time with changing and announcing etc that I didn't take any pictures of the show. I wish I had taken some pics cuz the models looked so great and we really did have a fairly large audience there. I think people had fun or I hope so anyway.


Wildstar said...

I am sorry about the cold !
I was hoping you got it because of some nice and cold thunderstorm from the Northern Pacific :) , but the heatwave makes it even worse

I hope you'll get well soon

Mykyl said...

awww! Not a cold in the summer! That's just not fair!

Wildstar took some pictures of the fashion show and posted them on his FlickR site here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildstar_b/

AuroraSkye said...

TY both so much for the get well wishes -- this one was a doozie so I didn't even get online for days but I feel a lot better now! Whoo hoooo!

TY for the FlickR Site addie -=- neat pics!!! Talented photographer!