Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It was a grey day today!!!!

We had LOVELY grey clouds today for the first time in ages!!!! We even got a bit of rain = (though not enough for me) I must admit, the grey skies and peaceful, cool, refreshing rain is sooooooo WONDERFUL, and it sure improved my mood! We are supposed to have a large storm tonight and tomorrow but so far I am seeing none of it. Then we are going to get 90 degree weather again on Saturday -- UGH. I am sooooo ready for Autumn!



Anonymous said...

Yup - we really need to have a dance in the rain in Faeria again :) Do you think you'll come for PHC on Saturday?

FD Spark said...

I am so happy to see gray clouds.
When the clouds and return in fall I hope everything can return to normal and we can focus on the fun things we do to together.
Miss you but I am still really tired, cranky but feeling tad better now that the clouds have rolled in.

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there Mykyl and FD --

Yeah == hopefully I can come to PHC this Saturday (depending upon how I feel physically in RL) -- It would be fun to dance in the rain again in Faeria! :-)

And, yeah, FD, maybe it is the continuous heat and sunny weather that is bringing us down? Maybe things can be happier in the cooler Autumn? :-)