Monday, August 18, 2008

Dr and Lightning Storm...

I went to the Drs today for my hurting legs. He took X-rays of the right leg. He thinks I may have strained the knee somehow and reccommends I use a cane for a few months and do some leg exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the kneecap. I've lost 4 lbs since my last Dr's visit. Of course I wish it were more but at least it is in the right direction! I sure hope I can get my legs to stop hurting.
This morning we had a WONDERFUL lightning storm. Unfortunately I didn't really get to see it (darn it) but it sure was close! It was right upon us. I did that thing where you try to count after seeing the flash and this time it only let me count maybe one second!!! The thunder was SOOOOO loud!! It was FANTASTIC!!! I sure wish it could have lasted longer and I wish I could have seen some of the flashes. I bet they were AMAZING!!! :-D I sure LOVE thunder storms!!!! And what a difference from the stupid hot sunny days we have been having!
Yesterday I had the MOST DELICIOUS Blueberries I have had in a long time! Usually when I get them -- they are too mushy and awful but these were firm and plump and sweet. WOW I wish I could have blueberries like that ALL the time!!! (I write about such FASCINATING topics here on this blog don't I? -- HA! LOLOLOL)
I bought some more blueberries today from a different store .... I sure HOPE they are as good as those ones I had yesterday! I DO love Blueberries. For some reason -- I can't seem to find frozen blueberry PIES anymore. :-( "Mrs Smith's Blueberry Pie" used to be easy to find but now I NEVER see Blueberry. :-( Blackberry pies just aren't the same. :-(
May delicious blueberries and lovely, healing rain find you all (if you wish it).


Mykyl said...

We had a pretty fantastic thunderstorm during the night last night too! It was huge - a strike almost every other second - thunder crashing and booming - I almost went out to dance in it, but I fell asleep :)

AuroraSkye said...

Oooooo how fun, Mykyl. That would have been fun to share our storms together! I love how you like Thunder storms too! Yours sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!! Whooooo Hooooooo!!!

:-) :-) :-D

FD Spark said...

Wonders if Seattle will get a thunder storm. I am glad its rainy but its the soft quiet type, I like the type you can hear.