Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whoooo Hoooo -- my legs feel so much better today...

Hi there -- I was in a LOT of pain yesterday (and the day before) I didn't even feel well enough to get on the computer or SL at all. I could hardly walk -- and my legs/knees hurt even when I was trying to keep them up in bed. One strange thing I have noticed is -- they seem to feel A LOT better after I have slept a night using the sleep apnea machine. I must admit -- I don't understand why that should make a difference. It is not from just resting the legs cuz I did that during the daytime and they still got worse and worse -- so it seems to maybe have something to do with getting enough oxygen? Altho that would mean I am not getting enough oxygen *spelling -- in the daytime when I am awake. I know I don't stop breathing during the daytime so I am confused. Anyway -=- it is SOOOO nice having the legs feel better today at least!
Believe it or not -- I want the legs to hurt again tomorrow, though, because I planned on seeing a Dr about them tomorrow and I don't want the pain to be gone because then it is really hard for me to be accurate in describing it. I have a tendency to forget things about my body when it is not an immediate problem. Heck, I have a tendency to IGNORE pains etc in my body even when they ARE there. I don't WANT to be in pain but I really DO hope that it comes back full force tomorrow so I can describe it to the Dr without forgetting anything. (I hate it when pain is like a car problem -- that only shows itself when you are alone with it ==and disappears when you take the car to be repaired -- LOL).
It is cooler today (thank goodness) And it is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow!!!! I sure hope so! They are even saying we may get some RAIN this week!!!! I sure HOPE so but often they get my hopes up and then no rain comes! :-( We had some lightning and thunder last night but my legs hurt too much for me to get up and look outside. :-( I hate missing thunderstorms!
The day is so STILL outside right now. Not even a small breeze. I don't like it when it is so still. Oh well -- I sure HOPE we get some RAIN this week!!!! I hope we get TONS of rain this week! (altho that is unlikely) :-)

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