Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wheeeee ANOTHER Heatwave-- BLEEECH! LOL

They say it will be in the triple digits tomorrow. I am SOOOOO not looking forward to that! Hopefully my "portable Air Conditioner" will continue to work for a long 3 day stretch. I hope it can do it.
For some reason my legs have been really hurting lately. I don't know why. For awhile I thought it was cuz I missed taking some of my meds but I have been taking them pretty regularly now and the legs are still really hurting so I have no idea what is going on. It sure makes it hard to walk tho. It seems to be two things=== muscular and yet maybe in the bones as well because the legs themselves are both hard to move and lift and also bending each knee clicks and then hurts like crazy!!!! Eeeeeek! So now I sort of walk like a zombie. :-(
I guess I should call the Drs about it but frankly I really don't see how they can help in any way other than to say "get exercise" and "lose weight." Both hard things to do when one can't walk. :-(
I have been enjoying watching the Olympics lately. It was neat seeing Michael Phelps winning swims and the incredible Chinese acrobatics and syncronized diving. As usual the West coast gets things delayed while the East coast gets things live. :-( For once I wish they would let us view things at the SAME time as the East coast -- it can be done -- so what if it is not exactly in prime time. Oh well. LOL
I wish I were better at thinking of interesting things to write about in my blogs. I guess that is why I go so long between blogging== I really have trouble thinking of anything worthwhile to say. Lately I haven't even wanted to go on SL at all. I am not sure why. Again, I am sure it is a phase. I suppose I should call the Drs to see if he can figure out what is wrong with my legs and energy.
Be well all -- Hugssss!!!!


Wildstar said...
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Wildstar said...

NBC is providing free live feeds of all the events in their site ... you should be able to see everything

and do not worry ... as they say in Winterfell ...

Winter is coming !

Wildstar grins :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should make it rain for PHC tomorrow - that micht help cool you off - we have not danced in the rain for quite a while now - perhaps it is time to do something about that :)

AND GO SEE THE DOCTOR ANYAWAY!!! (The Queene has spoken:)

FD Spark said...

Hugs I understand I have been having lot of pain in most delicate of area in recent months due to scar tissue on top of the usual which can be incredibly exhausting, add the heat and I am mess.
The doctor recommendation for pain was Tylenol and steroid cream.
When overweight if often seems like if medical community can blame it on weight they will and it often feels like they are asking for the impossible and the bed side manner of the Doctors often is more insensitive towards clients with conditions similar to what we face especially if you're over weight.
I am glad you found something to enjoy...
I love you, I am taking break too.

AuroraSkye said...

TY everyone -- It sure is a nice thing to come back to the blog and see some comments from friends. My legs were really hurting a lot this past week/ weekend so I didn't get online at all til now. I hope to get a Drs appointment tomorrow. I am so glad the heatwave broke and BOY am I looking forward to Autumn.


I sure love you all, FD, Mykyl and Wildstar. :-)

Big Hugsssss!!!